Why Are You Overweight?! Feaster vs. Constant Craver vs. Emotional Eater [Infographic]

A few weeks back I watched a three-part BBC2 Horizon programme called ‘What’s the right diet for you?‘. Seventy-five overweight individuals were given personalised diets based on their eating behaviours. This led to a more focused approach to losing weight and better results. So the volunteers were set up into three different categories:

1- Feasters

2- Emotional Eaters

3- Constant cravers

We created an infographic (3x blographics) to help you identify which group you belong to and what steps you can take:

Overweight The FeasterOverweight Emotional EaterOverweight Constant CraverWhich group do/did you belong to. Tell us about your struggles. Comment about this article. Perhaps you saw the programme and have comments about it. Give us your insight; it is highly appreciated.


31 thoughts on “Why Are You Overweight?! Feaster vs. Constant Craver vs. Emotional Eater [Infographic]

  1. That’s really interesting. I find myself falling into a bit of the “constant craver” mentality – and I tend to skip breakfast! Time to start back on the breakfast making for sure. Good info, and thank you

  2. definitely a craver. I eat a fairly good sized breakfast and have nuts and dried fruit to snack on at work. I often over eat at a single meal, and I definitely have stronger cravings when I’m angry or upset, but if I had to pick one, it’d be the craver.

      • yes, though 800 cal. might be short of healthy for me if I’m getting back on my feet as a runner. A large contributing factor to my weight is the irregularity (lately) of my physical activity. With renewed focus (I’ve been sick for a couple months) I feel like the 5-2 diet is a good basis for incorporating calorie intake into a weight loss routine; customized to my lifestyle by my doctor, maybe?

  3. I found this post fantastic because of it’s simplicity! It provides simple solutions to something that a large number of people struggle with and is the main thing that gets in the way of them achieving their health and fitness goals. Thank you for posting!

  4. I’m a constant craver. And I agree: the 5:2 diet is the best one I’ve been on. I feel in control for once. I do two 500 cal days a week and I’ve started looking forward to them, too. It means I’m not always unhappy thinking of the long list of forbidden foods, I just take those two days as detox and a challenge knowing the following day it’s back to normal. And I’ve lost a lot of weight like that almost without noticing it. It hasn’t been fast but it’s been steady.

    • There are many reasons why people get overweight. This is not an exhaustive list of reasons, so yes hypothyroidism is one of them. But you’d have to consult the doctor to know for sure.

  5. I feel this is way too simplistic. The Feaster is also the emotional eater who binges and can’t stop…and when they aren’t eating, they are thinking about food. Its all the same.

  6. Is it possible to be all three? I eat when I have emotional problems (kids are stressing me out, plans were changed, etc) I constantly want to eat anytime after 10am, food just tastes good in want to keep experiencing it, I eat my meals fast, and can’t stop most of the time until the plate (or casserole dish) is empty… All in the guise of “not wasting food”

    • Belonging to one group does not make you immune from belonging to another group. Most of the time cravers, feasters, and emotional eaters overlap. Some belong to two, some all three, and some just one. You may start by being a craver, however, when life takes a hard turn, we usually fall back to our comfort mechanisms, and if food is our comfort tool,then we become both craver and emotional eaters. This is just one example. Find something else that gives you comfort and make that your fall-back at stressful times. Consult a life coach and your doctor in order to get out of the viscious circle you are in.

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