4 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Start Smoking or Start Smoking More

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Health Benefits of Smoking

Health Benefits of Smoking photo by Mister GC

Smoking has been getting a bad rap for decades now and for good reason. Smoking is the “Lucifer” of health-hazardous habits. Or is it? I mean have you tried researching the issue yourself? What about the health benefits of smoking that no one is mentioning?

Let’s check out some of the many healthy returns of smoking:

1 Smoking Lowers Risk of Knee and Hip replacement Surgery

A study conducted by the University of Adelaide in Australia has revealed that “Long-term male smokers are less likely to require hip and knee replacements in their old age”.

Wow! You know how people say that smoking is expensive? Well if you ever had your knee or hip replaced you know how expensive THAT is. So if you haven’t been smoking enough because you are worried about the money you are throwing away, just tell yourself “I am investing in my future for a healthier hip and knees and saving money on surgery.”

2 Smoking Protects You from Parkinson’s disease

Jack: Hmm, do you know how smoking protects you from Parkinson’s disease?

Mike: Duh! It kills you before you get the chance to develop Parkinson’s.

OK, that was not the greatest joke. If you laughed let me know in the comments below, please. Meanwhile, I’m not quitting my day job.

According to a journal published on neurology.com with the title “Smoking duration, intensity, and risk of Parkinson disease”, the longer you smoked in years, the more you are protected from Parkinson’s disease. So the number of years spent smoking rather than the number of cigarettes you smoke daily is what makes the difference.

3 Smoking Fights Obesity

Smoking is an appetite suppressant thanks mostly to the nicotine in tobacco smoke. This may sound like some kind of myth fat smokers may be using to enjoy their cigarette with less guilt.

You would be dead wrong if you thought so because according to a study published in the July 2011 issue of the journal Physiology & Behavior it is inevitable that smokers who quit will gain weight. This is the second biggest barrier in getting people to quit after addiction.

4 Smoking Lowers the Risk of Death

Smoking can help you live longer; that is if you don’t mind a heart attack or two.

Smokers who have had heart attacks have a lower mortality rate than people like me who don’t smoke.

They also react better to some of the therapies designed to remove plaque from their arteries. Let’s just ignore the fact that it is actually smoking that scars the arteries, allowing fat and plaque to build up in the first place.


For those who do want to quit smoking or have a loved one doing so. There is no easy way to do it. There is no silver bullet. But you have to start somewhere. You have to start today. Here is one resource that can play a part in that process:

Quit Smoking Magic copy

Have a look and decide for yourself: Click Here!

I just want to tell my readers that this article demonstrates that there could be benefits to everything we consume out there. However, for some things the harm may immensely supersede the benefits. The researches and studies we come across are correct most of the time, but the way they are presented or referred to by some sites could be misleading.

I touched on the studies being thrown around on some vegan and vegetarian websites in Vegetarians and Vegans Don’t Live Longer. Although the studies themselves were solid, they were taken out of context to promote certain agendas (although for a noble cause).

As we always say here, be aware in order to make your own choice and don’t follow blindly.






92 thoughts on “4 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Start Smoking or Start Smoking More

  1. Okay I admit it! I laughed out loud reading this “anew” about a year later after I read it the first time! Still makes me chuckle just thinking about how I might save my poor aging knees, and the Medicare system s few bucks! I definitely do not hear anything in this but some very “badass humor” that should be purty obvious to the average discerning reader. As for those who lack a sense of humor altogether? I guess there is not much help for them here unless you are an advocate of “medicinal smokes” i.e marijuana which of course opens a whole ‘nother conversation!!! Peace and thanks for the laughs again this morning!

  2. Unless this is some kind of sarcasm, i am really disappointed by the twisting information in order to give people cancer and make cigarette selling corporations reach.
    And since we play smartasses here let me give you an unusual reason NOT to smoke:
    Secondary smoking is the first cause of lung cancer for pets!
    Do you want this for your dog/cat?

    • It would have been smart of you (which is superior to smartass by the way) to actually read the article all the way through before you commented.

          • Every reader has their choice to their own interpretation and when you post something online, you open the door to constructive criticism. Unless you are a narcissist. They only want praise.

            • Constructive criticism is a plenty on this site. In fact, I urge my readers always to seek their own answers. That is even done in this article. However, constructive criticism is not composed of words like ‘smartasses’ and being cynical. That’s just plan trolling. If you have an opinion – which you are entitled to- show it with respect and dignity. You will get a response of respect and dignity as well.

  3. Funny, sad and true the way articles are written with an agenda sometimes. Look no further than pharma studies for that. Had to add that if someone is a smoker and would like an easy way to quit I read the book The easy way to stop smoking, and it was!!! A four hour read at most but life altering. I had been nicotine’s bitch for far too long and am so grateful to no longer be…

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  6. Hahaha! You did give me some good laughs—but your point about people just accepting stuff without question comes through loudly and clearly, too, so it’s a great post all the way! 😀

  7. You can make anything sound good or bad depending on the data you use and how it’s interpreted. My 99 year old grandmother smoked from the time she was a teenager until she developed Alzheimer’s in her 80s and forgot she smoked. In many ways she is healthier than my 79 year old mother except she can’t remember her daughter when she visits.
    Is smoking bad for everyone? Yes. Is it worse for some? Yes. Can you smoke a long time and still live a long life? Yes. That is if you don’t mind things like loosing your teeth, amputation, dementia, COPD…. You get my point.
    And yes, I am a smoker and I have tried to quit numerous times although only temporarily successful (once for a number of years because I developed Leukemia. But that is another story entirely.

  8. Great argument! I was a smoker for 35 years or so, and I’ve been a non-smoker for 25 years or so; I’m much happier not smoking thnx you very much. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t agree with your points. I believe folks should know what they do to their bodies mainly because they’re the ones that have to live with that decision … unless, of course, we’re taking into consideration the “collateral” damage. Being specific: if you mess up and you have to pay for it – that’s fine; If you mess up and I have to pay for it … well, that’s not so fine.
    I wish you the best in the new year!

  9. Good for you being so objective! It’s true though, that there are benefits and risks to almost everything that we consume. I go back and forth about Nutrisweet like a pendulum. Nice try with the joke. I got a bit of a chuckle 🙂

  10. A good post reminding us to do our own research and not take someone else’s word as fact.

    The old cliche, “Everything in moderation” is true. Unfortunately, I first started working when people had ashtrays at their desks. I’d go home smelling like cigarette smoke and it was hard to breathe. It was as bad as being stuck on an elevator with people who seem to douse themselves in cheap cologne.

    I remember going to restaurants, eating a fine meal, and then being driving out of the building, nauseated, when the guy at the next table lit a cigar. If you asked him to please have consideration for others, he’d say something like, “If you don’t like it, leave.” I think that kind of attitude had as much to do with banning tobacco in public places as any of the health risks.

    George Burns was over 100 and smoked cigars most of his life, and I know people personally who are in their 70’s and smoke. I was told by more than 1 person who was an adult in the 1950’s that a doctor recommended she start smoking, telling her it was good for her health. That’s how a lot of women started smoking in the 1940’s and 50’s. 🙂

    • All I have to say to your comment is “wow” just “wow”!. I read it with intrigue and if it was 4000 words long I think I would still read it without blinking. I hate cigarette smoke and i can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you. The last part is even more shocking; smoking recommended for better health? Thank you for the amazing comment.

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  13. “Despite these findings, the fact remains that any possible beneficial effect of smoking on osteoarthritis is far outweighed by other health risks,” Professor Ryan says.

    • “Smokers who have had heart attacks have a lower mortality rate than people like me who don’t smoke.” ……
      I thought the mortality rate was pretty much 100% for everybody…! =P

      • People who smoke have a lower mortality rate than non-smokers who have heart attacks because they react better to certain medication. However the reason they had the heart attack in the first place is because of smoking. 🙂

  14. I must admit, i was slightly terrified when I noticed this post from someone who had interacted with my science blog! Brilliant post, really enjoyed it. Although I’m disappointed you forgot one health benefit: spending all that money makes your purse lighter so it doesn’t give you back ache! (not sure I’ll find much evidence to support this claim, though…)

  15. My trainer told me being a vegetarian made me fat. For real…. Apparently I didnt get enough protein so my muscle turned into fat! 😱

  16. I think this paper shows how much fun you can have with percentages, instead of any kind of actual rationale for smoking being healthy. There are so many things on the negative side of the scale that if you could actually prove causation of the things on this list, instead of just correlation, it would still not be worth it to re-take up smoking if you have quit or to start smoking ‘for your health’ if you never have.

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