Calisthenics VS Weightlifting

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Based on a true story…

Weightlifting Freak

Calisthenics vs weighttraining

Calisthenics pfff, seriously, don’t insult my intelligence. Do you really think that you can get ripped like Calisthenics Kingz or Hannibal by just doing calisthenics?

First of all these guys are quite small and weigh about 140-160 lbs with tiny chicken legs. I could crash both Barbrothers with my bare hands.”

I am not trying to disrespect anybody but you know what? I did calisthenics for more than three years and was not at all happy with my progress. I just did not get big enough.

If you want to build muscle and become stronger get in the gym and lift some serious weight.  That is what I did and in less than a year I am buffed like crazy!

My size superiority enables me to do calisthenics exercises such as one arm pushups, handstand pushups, muscle-ups, and front levers with more ease.

Hey listen, you can use calisthenics when you are on vacation or locked up somewhere with no weights around.

I regret not having started out with weight training from the get go. I would have been a real beast by now.

So if you ask me ‘calisthenics vs gym?’, my answer is, ‘forget calisthenics’.”

Calisthenics Paladin

Calisthenics vs weightlifting

You are looking at it the wrong way. You need to know that calisthenics has its pros and cons just like all exercise regimes.

Not everyone who works out is looking to build ridiculous muscle mass.  Calisthenics is about body control, balance, core strength, endurance, and performance enhancement.

It makes sense that after getting big calisthenics has become easier for you. But that is because you had previously mastered calisthenics at a lower body weight with less strength.

How many strongmen and bodybuilders have you seen doing 30 pull ups or human flags?

Most importantly many people do calisthenics because they can’t afford to go to the gym or have no time to travel to one. It offers great flexibility and is free. They also learn cool bodyweight movements and that is their choice.

By the way, Kali Muscle still does calisthenics and he is twice your size.

Calisthenics vs weights? That’s a no-brainer for me”


Set your goals, understand how you are going to reach them and customize your exercise regime towards achieving them.

Every single one of us is unique and depending on body type and genes, our needs and our results will differ from the next guy. So you not only need to tailor your exercise regime to what works best for you, but you will also need to tailor your diet and lifestyle towards becoming the best you can be.

I for one love calisthenics and do just about anything out there that challenges me; as long as I enjoy doing it. So don’t forget to enjoy whatever it is you do!

Have you got experience with one or both disciplines, or are looking to start with one of them? Leave a comment below and we will respond. 

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103 thoughts on “Calisthenics VS Weightlifting

  1. I use both, I discovered calisthenics on a cold, wintery Sunday morning when my athletics coach threw in a deviation from our more traditional track work. These days I use calisthenics during contest prep for my bodybuilding shows, perfect for getting the heart rate up first thing in the morning downstairs before getting ready for work whilst the family are still asleep upstairs. Mix & match, variety is the spice of life.

  2. You are right on target. There is a place for calisthenics and weights in my daily workout. The mix provides muscle strength, control, and flexibility. To this routine I add walking. The results have been that the stiffness and pain on my right side is reduced to bearable and on most days – no pain. Another beneficial thing about using calisthenics, weights and walking is the diversity. You can overcome the boredom of exercise routines by mixing them up.

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