Madrid Scoop Episode 1 – I Like to Move it

The Madrid Scoop is a 3-episode series which takes a look at the healthy lifestyle, health trends, and health problems the city faces.

In this episode we take a look at the progress the city has made towards a healthier lifestyle for it’s residents.

Aleha Mora

Aleha Mora is a Spanish beauty with a Media Degree and  a Master of Web Design and Digital Marketing.

Our guest vlogger is the stunning Aleha Mora. She is a Spanish gamer and footballer. She is a resident of Madrid who holds a degree in media and digital marketing.

Checkout her blog here and follow her on twitter.

5 thoughts on “Madrid Scoop Episode 1 – I Like to Move it

  1. It is all about integration in all things… Especially when you see past the dream state everyone is dying to die for…
    Very Nicely Done! I look forward to hearing more! join me for cosmic living radio experience… with DRZ
    I think you might like it! 12 central America Sat 1/17/2015

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