If Hell Had a Workout Boot-camp

workout hellIf people in hell were forced to work out as a punishment it would probably resemble what me and my teammates went through during the 1998 Coast Open Karate Championship preparation.

Our coach – Sensei Yetoo – used to call it the blue balls workout because we would all feel like someone kicked us in the nuts when we were finished due to the intensity of the workout.

The workout takes a little over an hour to complete. Mombasa is a beautiful island and we trained on the beach on soft sand which made it even tougher.

Today I would like to share this workout from the depths of hell so you can enjoy it as much as I did. Continue reading

Grappling vs. Striking: Where Do I start?

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Grappling vs Striking

Grappling vs Striking – You decide where to start!

Today this is the most prominent question asked by beginner-martial artists. Thanks to the rise of Brazilian Jiujutsu (BJJ) and the success of wrestlers in the UFC it is pretty obvious that grappling has great benefits.

So why don’t we just go for grappling then? Why do many aspiring martial artists question whether to start with a striking martial art like karate, boxing or muay thai or a grappling martial art like wrestling, judo or BJJ? Continue reading