The Secret to Being Happy with What You Eat

Black Beans in a blue and white bowl

Black Beans. Image by Gualberto107

We all have THAT friend…you know…the one who has a second helping of dessert and still manages to stay thin??!!

When I was struggling to lose weight that I had gained during my undergraduate degree, I remember watching some of my friends with envy.  Why did they get to eat whatever they want and I didn’t?

It never occurred to me to ask them what their eating habits were on a regular basis.  Years later I found out that those same friends had a secret.  When I discovered their secret, I started slowly losing weight and keeping it off.

So what was that secret?

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How I Improved My Well-being by Exercising Less


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run with water bottle

What is your go-to coping mechanism when you are feeling overwhelmed?

Dessert?  Potato Chips?  Wine?  Shopping?  Netflix marathons?

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My “drug” of choice used to be exercise.  I get that this may seem like a perfectly healthy response to feeling overwhelmed, but my intention behind exercising was not healthy.  It took me many years to realize that my inflexible workout routine was actually a way to avoid dealing with uncomfortable feelings.

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