7 grooming tips for men

7 Male Grooming Tips for Dummies

Bonus Article by Molly Garner

For any man, good grooming is an important part of life. Whether you are doing it to feel good about yourself or to create the right impression, proper grooming is essential and should therefore not be ignored. It is important to develop proper grooming habits which will help you look more presentable and polished without sacrificing your masculine appearance. If you are metrosexual or a hipster you are good, If you are neanderthal like my brothers, below are some amazing grooming tips for you:

Take care of your facial hair

Although beards are good and a sign of masculinity, leaving them looking shaggy and unkempt can send the wrong impression to people around and even those you seek to impress. If you want to grow a beard, make sure that it is maintained in the right length. You can use your facial hair to enhance your facial features and manly look but always remember that this hair will require more attention as compared to your head hair. Trim your facial hair carefully and wash it regularly to avoid an unsightly look. If you are tired of shaving, consider talking to your therapist for more beard grooming methods. If you have to grow a beard, keep your drinks and food off it.

Trim ear and nose hairs

Overgrown nose hair can be unsightly and thus unacceptable. No matter the reason, growing nose hair cannot help improve your appearance and will only act as a put off at any given time. You should take time to trim nose hair and this doesn’t have to take too long with the availability of tweezers and trimmers today. You can also trim your nose hair using specialized nose clippers but whatever the cost, keep that hair where it belongs. Continue reading

Grumpy Cat’s Guide to Gym Hygiene

Grumpy facial expression Exotic tortoiseshell cat

Let’s pretend we gave Grumpy Cat a gym membership.

Grumpy Cat doesn’t want to go to the gym, doesn’t care if you go to the gym, and doesn’t enjoy being at the gym. Grumpy Cat would rather sleep all day in a sunny window. But you spent the money and now you’ve committed Grumpy Cat to show up at the local gym. He will go, but he will be Grumpy and let me tell you why. Continue reading