2 Alcohol Health Benefit Myths Busted!

glass of red wine on carpet

The evidence about the possible health benefits of alcohol has always been uncertain .
Photo by Grant Cochrane

According to popular belief moderate alcohol consumption may provide the following health benefits:

  1. Reduce the risk of developing and succumbing to heart disease
  2. Possibly reduce the risk of ischemic stroke

The evidence about the possible health benefits of alcohol has always been uncertain and alcohol may not benefit everyone who drinks it. Continue reading

The 1 Secret to CPR


You and I are a lot alike. 

We’re healthy. (or always striving to be).
We’re young. (-ish).
We’re active. (practicing the art of bikram yoga and running in between).

So, it seems odd that I’ve spent the past four years devoting my energy on educating people just like us about CPR.  But, you see…

You and I are a lot alike.

We go out to eat. (sushi anyone?).
We got to the pool. (get a little vitamin d).
We go to work. (where you show the world what you can do).

And that’s what I mean.  Last year, a woman just like me had to rescue her choking baby during an otherwise typical dinner.  A neighbor had to pull a lifeless 5-year-old little girl out of the pool and start CPR hoping for help to arrive.  An engineer had to think quick as his coworker collapsed in his office. 

All survived.  Remarkably…
…because someone knew what to do. Continue reading

4 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Start Smoking or Start Smoking More

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Health Benefits of Smoking

Health Benefits of Smoking photo by Mister GC

Smoking has been getting a bad rap for decades now and for good reason. Smoking is the “Lucifer” of health-hazardous habits. Or is it? I mean have you tried researching the issue yourself? What about the health benefits of smoking that no one is mentioning?

Let’s check out some of the many healthy returns of smoking: Continue reading