Will You Get a Passing Grade for Self-Care? Take the Test!

I’ve started to notice a pattern with type-A personalities and overachievers:
We grade ourselves on a lot of things, but rarely on how well we take care of ourselves.
What if there were gold stars given out for how much sleep you got?
What if your corporate bonus was partially dependent on your cardiovascular health?
What if your sugar, caffeine, or alcohol consumption affected your chances for that next promotion?
You may laugh at the thought, but neglecting our physical, emotional and spiritual health can have a significant impact on our ability to function both at work and at home.
Are you brave enough to give yourself a little reality check?
Take Secondhand Therapy’s 2-minute quiz: Will You Get a Passing Grade for Self-Care?
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Oscar Awards Fittest Actors

Award Winning Workouts – the Fitness That the Stars Are Wearing This Year

Award Winning Workouts – The Fitness that the Stars are Wearing This Year

Disclaimer:  Please check with your medical professional before making any changes to your diet or workout/exercise routine.

The Oscar for the fittest female/male actor goes to…

Illuminated on the red carpet every year looking amazing in their Dolce & Gabana or Versace, are the stars. It’s not just the fashion we observe, but often we see muscle tone, perfect posture and great physiques that movie stars work and train hard for.

What’s their secret? How can mere mortals like you and I benefit and use that for long term fitness success?

We can probably find some part of their workout that we can safely adapt to our own.

Exercise is essential to everyone!

For the record, I don’t endorse any specific celebrity workout. In fact, it can be difficult to duplicate a celebrity workout simply because they are customized for that person. Also, every celebrity has at least one, if not several trainers. They also have stylists, chefs, and wellness experts that help them to look their best. You and I might not be able to do it all, but we can probably find some part of their workout that we can safely adapt to our own.  These workouts are presented because they are great workouts for accomplishing what the stars need and I like these actors.

Hollywood actors can gain muscle, lose weight, gain weight, lose weight again etc. just to fit the role they are playing. It is not recommended to change your body so quickly without medical supervision.

Salma Hayek

Salma HayekThere are few people in the world today that are a lovely as Salma Hayek. Not only is she beautiful, but she always seems to be a genuinely nice person. She usually dresses simply and understated, allowing her smile and her body to be the focus of attention.

There are few people in the world today that are a lovely as Salma Hayek. Not only is she beautiful, but she always seems to be a genuinely nice person. She usually dresses simply and understated, allowing her smile and her body to be the focus of attention.

According to an article in SHAPE, Ms. Hayek’s workout is simple and effective. Push-ups, jump squats, and planks are the basis, keeping her overall body lean. For her arms, a problem area for many women, she does tricep dips. She also does total body sit-ups that really work her core.

Her cardio is kickboxing, dancing, and ball workouts. Everything is designed to be fun, quick, and easy. The 49-year old actress has an amazing body (note: she’s only 5’2”) by focusing on her core. Most of her exercises, including the plank and the sit ups, require no equipment and are easily done at home or on the road. No gym required. Continue reading

Man stressed out

What If I Told You Stress Is a Choice? Backed by Science

What if stress was a choice?

In this day and age, I would argue that for most of us stress is a choice most of the time. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is a choice that is easy to make. Nor will many of us even know that and how they could choose differently. Stress, after all, is an automatic response of our body. Let me explain what I mean.

What is stress?

Stress is a physiological response of your body to react to a life or death situation. It is also often and very descriptively referred to as the “fight or flight” response.

Let’s say you are in a situation where your life is in imminent danger – a sabre-toothed tiger looking for a meal. What will happen is that your sympathetic nervous system kicks into action brewing up a biochemical cocktail to let your body know to get ready to either fight or flee. Your heart beat speeds up, your breathing becomes fast and shallow, and oxygen is being pumped into the muscles to get you ready. Other physical functions (digestion or repair) are not needed to get you out of that situation and so your body slows those functions down or stops them altogether. You don’t want to waste resources while your life needs saving. Continue reading

How To Make This Your Healthiest Winter Yet

Coping with winterMost of us know very well exactly what this time of year can be like and the impact it can have on our body and mind. With the winter months upon us and a new year fast approaching, it’s very tempting to put life on hold and retreat into the warmth and comfort of our homes. In many parts of the world, living only starts again in Spring which is a real shame.

Wishing life away is the ultimate waste and so it’s fundamental to do what we can to feel good and enjoy life no matter what time of year it is.

So here are a few suggestions to help get you through winter and out the other end, largely unscathed: Continue reading

Magic in the bedroom

Romance Your Room for a Healthier Life

bedroom romance for healthy life

It’s not a surprise that many of us struggle with incompetence in our bedrooms. By incompetence I mean between us and our bed. Many of us reading right now struggle with acquiring adequate amounts of sleep needed for us to live healthier, creative and fruitful lives. There are many studies, podcasts, books and my favorite TED talks that educate us on how important it is for us to catch as many Zs’ as we can during nighttime. However here is a new outlook on resting and possibly a better way to enhance your sleep life. You thought I would say sex life. Stick with it people! Even though I can attest to being one who’d rather intertwine my soul with my lover in between the sheets during the witching hours, I simply look and feel better when I sleep enough hours instead of skipping resting hours for magical pleasures or for getting work done.

Your sleep patterns can grow old with you

Many Americans take sleep for granted. That is very obvious given that we are usually tired, stressed, irritable and unhealthy. It has dawned on me how much our sleeping environment plays part in how much time we spend in between the sheets. Looking back at my history of sleep I have noticed the differences in my sleep patterns differed from the environments in which I was sleeping in. Growing up I always had trouble sleeping. I grew up in a house that technically never slept much like the city I lived in, New York. My father has had insomnia for the most part of his adult life and he could never sleep until everyone was home, in bed and asleep; and after he’s watched a few hours on the tell-lie-vision. Growing up I was very attached to my father and so staying up late with him was a habit I acquired at the early age of five. When I would be too scared to sleep in my own bed in a room I shared with my two sisters I would share the couch with him and the T.V. until 1:00 am. This kind of behavior may have had something to do with the fact that since I was a toddler my father nurtured me a lot and would hold me close to his stomach almost all of the time. When a parent holds their baby close to their body for long periods of time often a child and that parent will develop a strong energetic connection almost as if they become one form of energy a form I like to call love. A child feels protected and the parent feels powerful as if they were protecting the baby from all harms of the world. This created a very strong bond between my father and I which led me to always run to him and my mom’s room in the middle of the night to sleep in their bed whenever I had a bad dream up until the age of twelve. Whichever way you look at this behavior, it is not the healthiest for a child let alone a pre-teenager. Consciously noticing this as I got older, I watched my contributions to my sleep behavior, unsettlingly enough I realized I never practiced any sleep rituals consistently which may have caused me to never gain an adequate amount sleep.

Continue reading