Healthy Habits for Gamers

Aleha Mora

Aleha Mora is a Spanish beauty with a Media Degree and  a Master of Web Design and Digital Marketing.

Our guest vlogger is the stunning Aleha Mora. She is a Spanish gamer and footballer. Today she is sharing some tips to stay fit and avoid burnout for gamers,

These tips are also useful for those who work long hours behind computer screens.

Checkout her blog here and follow her on twitter.

Become a Better Gamer Part 3: Preparing for Tournaments


Gaming tournament ready

Gaming tournament ready
photo by stockimages

Finally you are where you want to be. After spending countless hours on single-player-games and multiple-player-games with friends at home and foes on the internet, you’ve got your big-boy-pants on and are ready to roll with the big boys.

But no matter how good you have become or how ready you think you are, bad preparation can hamper your progress during a tournament. This is why I have prepared a list for you which will help you prepare the way you should. Continue reading

Become a Better Gamer Part 2: Your Hands & Eyes

Video game freak

Become better at video games image by imagerymajestic

In part 1 I talked about how simple tweaks and accessories could make you a better gamer. Today we are going to talk  about your main weapons – eyes and hands-when it comes to gaming and how to strengthen them. We will also help you improve your hand-eye coordination. No! No! Hand-eye coordination does not involve hand-cream and a Playboy magazine. Pfffff.

So anyway here we go. We start off with hand-strengthening exercises. Continue reading

Become a Better Gamer Part 1: Simple Tweaks & Accessories

I don’t care if you are a seasoned gamer, everybody needs a little something to give them that slight edge which could mean winning or losing against their opponent. Black belts in martial arts, air pilots and football players, and practitioners of any discipline you can think of always go back to basics –at least the good ones do.

I am going to  take you through a gamers’ ultimate self-help journey consisting of several parts. Today we are going to start with the first part which addresses simple tweaks you can use to improve your over all gaming skills.

Just remember  “With great power there must also come — great responsibility.” Continue reading