the gift of self-care

The Gift of Self-Care

We’re not very good at self-care and that’s why many of us may never even have heard of it before. If this is your first time it’s probably worth mentioning that there’s nothing risqué about it, nor is it complicated. In fact as a concept self-care is extraordinarily simple but putting it into practice takes well, practice. But the regular application of this necessary notion to our daily lives can make for a much more fulfilled existence.

What is Self-Care?

Self -care is about recognizing that in order to feel good and keep well we need to learn to nurture our body, mind and soul. It’s also about acknowledging that we matter and showing respect for the life we are living. Learning this is important because without first giving ourselves the gift of self-care we will never truly be able to be there for those we care about the most. Nor will we be able to be our best or give our best. Self-care replenishes what we so freely give away, our energy. If you happened to read my last post ‘Uncomplicating Healthy Living’ (thank you if you did, I hope you enjoyed it!) you may remember a ‘house’ analogy which I used to help explain what really matters when it comes to living. One of the four ‘walls’ of the ‘house’ is the relationship we have with ourselves and it is this relationship which is the root of self-care.

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Fitness Over 40 – Be Real


Fitness Over 40 – Be Real

By Michele the Trainer

Let’s start at the very beginning.

Michele the Trainer’s 3Ms are:

  • Motivation
  • Movement
  • Mindset

Those 3 are all about the mindset of all 3. Staying motivated, keeping yourself moving and making good decisions by maintaining a healthy mindset. Easier said than done when we live in a world where we are surrounded by advertising.

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Harvesting Honey Can Be Harm-Free for the Honeybee

Bee collecting pollen on flowers


We need to protect bees.

Bees need a Public Relations Department for several reasons:

  • Bees sting.
  • Bees are tiny.
  • Bees don’t have a fan club because they sting.
  • People kill bees because they sting.
  • People kill and remove bee hives. (It’s amazing to me that people still have hives removed, poisoned and killed today, when bees can be removed and relocated.)
  • Bees are bugs and people don’t like bugs.

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How to Make Michele the Trainer’s Fat Free Fusion Balsamic Vinaigrette

Vegetable salad

Love creamy salad dressing?  Are you trying to lose weight? If so I recommend low fat and only recommend good fats from whole foods.  Here is a way to make a delicious rich creamy salad dressing with no fat. If you want quality fats, add some organic avocado or organic olives into your salad!

I created this recipe because I had some excellent organic white mushrooms and organic baby carrots that were begging for an Italian salad dressing but I didn’t want oil.  If you want to indulge, I have an excellent Creamy Italian Salad Dressing recipe that boasts a top quality olive oil, but normally I avoid oils.  This new recipe was perfect.  My salad had the mushrooms, carrots, chopped romaine hearts, Persian cucumbers, and organic green olives, but you can add tomatoes or any other great salad veggie too. Continue reading