8 Productivity Hacks to Reduce Stress

Staying productive when life gets busy allows you to manage your to do list while keeping on top of your stress level. As a business owner, I understand how important it really is to stay productive without becoming overwhelmed by the many roles I play in my businesses.

By staying on top of your work plan and deadlines you can stay focused and avoid stress spikes when you become overwhelmed by your work or business.

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8 Productivity Hacks for entrepreneurs to avoid stress

1 – Be Proactive

Leaving things to the last minute is the worst thing you can do for your stress levels. Not only will you be feeling stressed but your standard of work will be of a lower quality.

Let’s face it we all have tasks we don’t love to do in our jobs and in our business but avoiding the inevitable is not the answer. Tackle these challenges head on to leave more time for the things you enjoy to do in your work. Continue reading

7 Tips to Stay Healthy and Balanced While Building a Business


Stay Healthy and Balanced While Building a Business

Stay Healthy and Balanced While Building a Business

Starting a business requires consistent dedication and focus to meet your goals. Unfortunately in many cases that means pushing your health and well-being to the side. We can get so caught up living our lives and doing what we ‘have’ to do that we can end up with no energy, losing motivation and burning out.
It’s time to take accountability and make sure you look after yourself to ensure you are getting the most from your new business while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading