How To Make This Your Healthiest Winter Yet

Coping with winterMost of us know very well exactly what this time of year can be like and the impact it can have on our body and mind. With the winter months upon us and a new year fast approaching, it’s very tempting to put life on hold and retreat into the warmth and comfort of our homes. In many parts of the world, living only starts again in Spring which is a real shame.

Wishing life away is the ultimate waste and so it’s fundamental to do what we can to feel good and enjoy life no matter what time of year it is.

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the gift of self-care

The Gift of Self-Care

We’re not very good at self-care and that’s why many of us may never even have heard of it before. If this is your first time it’s probably worth mentioning that there’s nothing risqué about it, nor is it complicated. In fact as a concept self-care is extraordinarily simple but putting it into practice takes well, practice. But the regular application of this necessary notion to our daily lives can make for a much more fulfilled existence.

What is Self-Care?

Self -care is about recognizing that in order to feel good and keep well we need to learn to nurture our body, mind and soul. It’s also about acknowledging that we matter and showing respect for the life we are living. Learning this is important because without first giving ourselves the gift of self-care we will never truly be able to be there for those we care about the most. Nor will we be able to be our best or give our best. Self-care replenishes what we so freely give away, our energy. If you happened to read my last post ‘Uncomplicating Healthy Living’ (thank you if you did, I hope you enjoyed it!) you may remember a ‘house’ analogy which I used to help explain what really matters when it comes to living. One of the four ‘walls’ of the ‘house’ is the relationship we have with ourselves and it is this relationship which is the root of self-care.

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Uncomplicating Healthy Living

Healthy living can seem very complicated and daunting. Often we can’t tell what’s really important and we find ourselves obsessed with the details. Organic or free range? Coconut water or mineral water? Body Pump or TRX? But none of this really matters if we’re not getting the basics right.

In this shiny, fast paced, hi-tech world of ours we really can’t see the wood for the trees. Whatever we do and wherever we go, there’s always something new to learn, retain and practice. We’ve become bogged down with the unimportant minutiae – heavy, tired and confused.  Having lost the big picture, the details seem very complex. We need to step back, re-evaluate and always remind ourselves of what it’s really all about.

Changing Our View of Healthy Living

So coming up is a very simple view of healthy living. You may in fact feel it’s too simple. That’s OK, I like simple. For the truth of the matter is this: despite knowing the most we’ve ever known about health, we are the unhealthiest we’ve ever beenSo maybe it really is time to get back to basics and simplify things? Although I’m a doctor, there’s nothing medical about this – it’s just common sense. Here it is:

Welcome to my house! It has:

Featured image
             Build your dream house
  • Solid Foundations – Food, water, movement, sleep
  • 4 walls – Myself, family, partner, friends
  • A roof – Peace, purpose
  • Fixtures and Fittings – The small details

Food, water, movement and sleep (foundations) support my relationship with myself and with my loved ones (walls), and all these things together support my inner peace and allow me to find and carry out my purpose in life (roof).

The great thing is once you’ve got your foundations, walls and roof, you’ve actually got yourself a house – well done you’re finally on the best property ladder ever! And now you can allow yourself to pick out the fixtures and fittings. But until then, stay grounded and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the small details.

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