5 Signs You Need to Appreciate Yourself More & How to Do It

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to be going through life at a rock-bottom level, massively struggling with your body image, confidence non-existent; to be in need of a little TLC in the area of self-appreciation.

There are no extremes when it comes to self-worth. Picture one end of the spectrum full of confident, successful, thriving people and the other packed with those of us still trying to figure life and ourselves out and dropping the ball at every turn. That sounds pretty unrealistic, doesn’t it? The truth is, there exists a HUGE gray area in between those two extremes, a gray area that most everyone on earth (yes, really. I know from working in Hollywood – celebrities, gurus, politicians, athletes – everyone) falls into.

I have some pretty amazing people in my life, including my mentors and a lot of coaches in my network, all of whom I look up to and find myself constantly in awe at their ability to seemingly have it all together, all the time. But the reality is that when I take a moment to look closer, to dive in deeper with them, to ask the sensitive questions, even they can always use a boost in the self-love department.

So wherever it is you stand right now – rock bottom, right in the middle, or thriving – here are 5 signs you need to appreciate yourself more plus some ideas for how to do just that. Continue reading

Work Your Self Worth FREE Webinar with Amanda! Special Invite to The Zeit Community

Hey community! Wow, what a warm welcome to my first post on The Zeit last month, Journeying from Hollywood to Healthy. I LOVED hearing from you and getting to talk with you in the comments! So many people related to right where I’m at in my life, learning to love myself, learning to put my focus on being healthy rather than trying to fit into an image that required me to damage my body and mind. I love how many of you are committed to walking the higher road with me and getting things right in your life so you can be strong, powerful, and show up for those you love.WYSW FB Ad 2

If you want to invest an hour into yourself this coming Saturday, March 28th, I’d love to get to know you all even MORE and have you come learn and play with me in my Work Your Self Worth free webinar event. It thrilled me that The Zeit reached out and offered me to extend this invite to you guys! My early-bird registration bonus was originally set to close this afternoon, but I’m keeping it open through the end of Friday, March 27th, for you guys to sign up. You’ll receive free Work Your Self Worth guided journaling pages when you jump onto the registration page below and snag your spot. 😉


I can’t wait to see you there!! Get excited and get ready!



Journeying from Hollywood to Healthy

Journey from Hollywood to HealthyWhen The Zeit contacted me with an invite to become a contributor, I was beyond excited that my writing style & my one-month-old baby blog, The Gist of Life, had caught the attention of such a fantastic site showcasing relevant, honest insights into self care – both mental & physical. I started researching The Zeit & pretty soon jumped from ‘beyond excited’ to full on, knock-my-socks-off THRILLED when I found the following on the About page in regards to the health industry:

“…There are a lot of truly dedicated individuals and organizations that are sincere and have good products, advice, and services. However, it takes knowledge to know what is real and what is not. Knowledge is power and we at The-Zeit want to furnish you with the knowledge so you are able to make all the right choices.”

To share a little about myself, I’ve spent the last several years as an actress in Los Angeles. You’ve seen me on FOX, Lifetime, Disney Channel, ABC Daytime, among other places. You know what that means? My entire world has been a game of “what is real and what is not” for quite some time now. Because in Hollywood, if you can’t tell the difference between real and fake, then you’re doing something right. Right? Continue reading