Shocking Revelation on Why You Quit Exercise!

why you quit exercise

You could be exercising and eating right and still not getting the results you should. You know why? The surprising answer could be that you are suffering from the “nocebo” effect. It’s the evil twin brother of the “placebo” effect.

Placebo vs. Nocebo

Placebo effect is caused by people believing that a certain treatment will make them better, and this belief in itself causes them to get better.

Nocebo effect happens when people have negative feelings towards something which in turn does result in negative outcomes.

Scientific Proof of the Nocebo Effect on Exercise

Your expectations –my dear reader- can either improve or minimize the benefits of exercise.

In a study published by Psychological Science an experiment was conducted which included an “informed group” and a “non-informed group.”

The informed group was told that the physical activity they were doing was intensive enough to meet governmental guidelines for activity. The non-informed group was not given this information although the physical activity was exactly the same.

Jonathan Ross writes for the American Council on Exercise: “After four weeks, the informed group perceived themselves to be more fit and did indeed have lower blood pressure, weight, waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index versus those in the non-informed group.”-

Is Exercising a Pain in the Neck for You?

If exercising feels like a burden to you, you will elevate your levels of stress hormones, oxidative stress and inflammatory chemicals. This will definitely defeat the purpose of exercise and negate many of the benefits of exercising.

If you already have a negative mentality towards exercising and have to balance it with a busy schedule at work and at home then you will definitely struggle and you will definitely stop exercising.

So next time you feel like quitting or if you have already quit, remember it is not the busy schedule by itself that caused you to quit. There is always someone busier than you who still hits the gym five times a week.

Is Willpower Enough?

No it’s not! The repetition of summoning your willpower every time you want to exercise is exhaustive. Your willpower will run out eventually. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert says, “If you’re using willpower to exercise, then you’re doing it wrong.”

You will end up eliminating most of the benefits of exercising and when your willpower runs out you will quit.

Make Exercising Fun

If you are one of those people who think “damn that’s exactly how I feel” after reading this article, don’t despair. You can train your mind to love exercising. One of the best ways is to make exercise fun by choosing activities you love to do. Not all of us need to be doing the same killer-routines at the gym or follow the latest fitness fads.

There are many ways to make exercise fun and there are also ways of exercising without exercising. Checkout 25 Ways to Exercise without Realizing It by Nerd Fitness (I love this guy).

Making exercise fun not only makes it easier to stay consistent but can also improve your post workout eating habits and help you achieve your goals faster:

  1. Labeling exercise as fun reduces the consumption of hedonic sides in a meal
  2. Labeling exercise as fun diminishes the amount of hedonic snacks served
  3. Having fun during a race increases the choice of a healthy snack

You can read more on the above points at Fun is the Secret to Efficient Weight Loss.


So there you go. As usual I am hoping that this post will benefit you my dear reader and help you achieve your goal. Never give up there is always a way out of the doldrums and the best way is by resetting your mindset and approach towards exercise and fitness. Do what you love, what is easier for you and what does not feel like a burden. Don’t feel guilty for not following all the fads and exercise routines out there every day of the week. Do what works for you and give it all you got.

Please share with us your struggles and conquests or anything that comes to mind after reading by leaving a comment below.


16 thoughts on “Shocking Revelation on Why You Quit Exercise!

  1. Reblogged this on samoorstuff and commented:
    I have been struggling the past 6 months or years with weight loss and going back to my previous size.

    Trust me it’s not having children because I have proof I look awesome after having my second child with my shirt tucked in too.

    I think I have gave yoyoing dieting and body resizing a new image.

    So inevitably I go online to find a solution.

    This post was a good read and I really hope that I can go back and do something about getting back to my old self.

    So here’s to getting back in shape to all mommies out there that have been busy Making Life Memorable that have forgotten to take care of themselves!

    • Thank you for the comment and the reblog. I just know from the way you express yourself that you are capable of getting back to your old self and maybe even surpassing your old self. Every day you work towards your goal is an accomplishment already. Stay consistent and the results will come. I humbly hope to be of more help in the future via this blog.

  2. We all know those people who laboriously toil away day after day with a lousy attitude, and conversely those to whom exercise seems to come with little effort. I think based on my own experience that attitude is key. Nice to see some research that backs it up!

  3. As someone who gave up hope of a better life a long time ago, and it’s something I’m trying to reclaim, I found this to be of great value to me. I will use this information to help change my attitude; and then my life. Thank you.

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