Women vs. Men: 9 Exercise Facts You Probably Don’t Know but Should

Men and women have different fitness needs.

Men and women have different fitness needs.
by photostock

  1. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention only 6% more men engage in regular exercise than women. It’s high time gyms became more “female-friendly”.
  2. Women are not “female-men” and men are not “male-women”(I bet you didn’t know that) so they need a completely different training regime, nutrition plan, and amount of hydration during exercise.
  3. I had to talk specifically about squats because women love their squats.  Women should use a wider stance when doing squats as their pelvises tilt more. The feet should also face more outwards and the practitioner should avoid going too low. Failing to do so could cause serious injury.
  4. Men may have better upper body strength but women have better lower body strength.
  5. Women exhibit a higher lactate threshold during long distance running thanks to their slow twitch fibre percentage. The longer the distance the more advantageous it becomes.
  6. The heart responds differently to exercise when it comes to men and women. The American College of Cardiology recently declared the “220 minus age” to be flawed. The formula was developed 40 years ago based on a group that was predominantly male.
  7. Women tend to burn more fat than men during workout and men burn more fat than women post workout.
  8. One of the best ways for men to subjectively track fat loss is to measure their waist. Women can use both the waist and the bust to distinguish fat loss from weight loss.
  9. Men who lift weights grow primarily type II muscle which make them bulk up. Women grow primarily type I muscle fibers that are not able to grow as big.

It is important to understand the difference between the two genders when it comes to exercise just as it is important in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes I see couples at our gym training and the men most of the time expect the same attitude they have from their female partners towards certain exercises.

Both men and women should understand that the nature of their bodies entices them to go for different types of exercises. This is nature telling them what to do in order to take advantage of their body type and what not to do in order to avoid injury based on their body type.






25 thoughts on “Women vs. Men: 9 Exercise Facts You Probably Don’t Know but Should

  1. You mean there are biological differences between men and women??? Well I never😉 probably the one thing I would point out re the squats the wider stance rule is not hard and fast. Like all exercises it is very individual . I squat a lot wider than most due to hip issues. Yet I deadlift with a more narrow stance .

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      • Sorry for posting twice on the subject.
        I think many are happy, because for many years we have had high trust in the government and the care we get schools and medical treatments are free. But it seems that the trust in politicians is lowering do to the pressure on our country from outside and the political correctness that “forbid “us to protest.

  3. “It’s high time gyms became more “female-friendly”.” Boy, you’ve got that right! I’ve written about that in some of my posts too. I’ve actually given up on gyms and now work out at home.

      • Yes. They hassled me with: signing up for paying Zumba classes, buying “health” bars that were loaded with calories, allowing other business people to come in and sell their “wares” (like bras), etc. I just got tired of it all and prefer working out at home where I’m not hassled by anybody!

  4. Hi
    Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the support you’ve given to my blog, it means a lot to know people are reading and it’s reaching people. Feel free to send it on to as many people as you think will benefit. I’m hoping the more awareness and attention eating disorders get the less girls will hide behind them and choose to fight them instead. This page was super helpful for me! Your blog is great. I really struggle getting myself to the gym because I’m so self conscious and to know we aren’t built to lift and follow in the male footsteps is a bit of a relief.
    Thanks again, please keep following

    • Your comments have made me very happy. Anytime someone tells me that my articles have helped them I feel like I have done my job. It inspires me to write more. Keep blogging and “stay beautiful” 🙂

  5. Hello,
    Just wanted to say your blog is super interesting and I particularly enjoyed the men v women page. I am the writer of travelling dysmorphia and I wanted to say a quick thankyou not only for liking some pages and supporting the blog but also for doing a blog like this that doesn’t thrust weight loss or lifestyle changes into your face but is more helpful and suggestive! I have sent it on to a few people I’ve met through this. I hope you keep reading along with my travels and please feel free to send it on to anyone you know who has is or might be hiding a disorder! I’m hoping the more people see this the more will choose to fight their own battles!

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