If Hell Had a Workout Boot-camp

workout hellIf people in hell were forced to work out as a punishment it would probably resemble what me and my teammates went through during the 1998 Coast Open Karate Championship preparation.

Our coach – Sensei Yetoo – used to call it the blue balls workout because we would all feel like someone kicked us in the nuts when we were finished due to the intensity of the workout.

The workout takes a little over an hour to complete. Mombasa is a beautiful island and we trained on the beach on soft sand which made it even tougher.

Today I would like to share this workout from the depths of hell so you can enjoy it as much as I did.

15 Minute Warm Up

Start with a vigorous warm up. You need your heart rate up and your body as warm as possible because you are going to be putting it through some serious pain.

5 Minutes Stretching

Stretch every single part of the body that you can stretch to avoid injury. It will be easy to do so at this stage because your body is warmed up.

5 Minutes Suicides on Soft Sand Non-stop

Suicides are hard enough when done at the gym. On soft sand you will be taking it to a whole new level. If you do not have a beach near you try it with ankle weights.

  1. Start at one end of an area, run 1/4 of the way and run back,
  2. turn around run half way and back,
  3. turn around again and run 3/4 of the way,
  4. and the last time you run the whole way and back.

You have to touch the ground every time you turn around.

10 minutes Sparring Non-stop

During the first sparring session, you are only allowed to strike so there is no grappling. You do not change partners or take any sort of breather.

3 Minute Rest

This is the only time during the workout when you can rest and get some water. You have only three minutes so you better recover quickly.

5 Minute Frog Jumps on Soft Sand Non-stop

This is the most painful experience ever. Once again on soft sand it is just unbearable. It is worth it though because you end up being able to kick like a mule.

3 Minutes Push Ups Non-stop

Upper body strength is very important and 3 minutes of non-stop push ups will definitely make you stronger. It does not matter which style push ups you do but once you have chosen one you are not allowed to switch to another variation.

5 Minutes Squats Non-stop

At this stage you will not feel like you are able to do even one squat, let alone 5 minutes of squats. The trick is not to think and just do. Before you know it you will be finishing.

20 Minutes Sparring Non-stop

Twenty minutes of sparring may feel like relief from the torture you just went through, especially because in the second sparring session you are allowed to grapple.

5 Minutes Stomach Crunches

Do as many crunches as possible in five minutes.  You are almost there so finish on a high.

15 Minutes Cool Down & Stretching

Cool down by alternating between jumping jacks and shadow boxing for 10 minutes and stretch for the last five minutes.

Check for “blue balls” and apply ice if necessary. If you are at the beach, take a dive into the ocean.

Nothing is more refreshing than a swim after a tough workout.

7 thoughts on “If Hell Had a Workout Boot-camp

  1. Hey! I was just wondering, is there some kind of Muay Thai routine I can start that’ll help me be more skilled and organized? Also: I can’t seem to get elbows into my workout. I don’t know how to use them.

    • Great question! I understand you train at home. First thing I would advise you is to get a training partner. Muay Thai is serious business and you actually need to feel the pain of sparring and drills in order to get better. There are many videos on Youtube which teach you basic techniques and drills that will make all movements become second nature to you. But you gotta get a training partner to utilize the best ones. You can choose a day in the week where you train alone. All I can say is train, train, and train and you will be fine. Another tip I would give you is try and incorporate some boxing into your training as this will make you a better fighter because it will help you set up kicks, knees, and elbows easier. Checkout JT he is great https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4PwJo76WpTOk-3N8dazt1A

      Elbows are short distance strikes, unlike a front kick for example which is a long distance strike. You need to get close to your opponent to strike elbows. Never go for a flying elbow from long distance, you could get KO’d as your opponent sees it coming all the way. The best time to apply an elbow is when you are clinching and your hands are not free to punch. You make space by shifting your hips back and then using your hips again forward to strike to the side of the head like a right or left hook. 100% of the time the guys hands will be clinching with yours so he wont be able to cover. You can train this on a punching bag or as a drill on punching mats with a friend. Here is a video of how to use an elbow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBkOgADZ0Ck

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