The Most Exhilarating Exercise You Can Do

Exercise and nutrition have been creating such a huge popularity over the years. Everyone wants to look like those hard bodies on the cover of the fitness magazines. The problem is that it takes work and time. Not everyone wants to put that much effort and many people just don’t have the time to fit it in.

No time. No desire. No problem.

Getting fit doesn’t mean having to drive out to the gym and pretending you know what you are doing, in the hopes of tightening up those buns and getting the washboard abs. Exercise is meant to be fun! We should want to do it and look forward to our workouts. As unrealistic as this seems for many, it can be achieved. 

“Alright! Out with it already! I’m working up a sweat while waiting.”

The only piece of equipment you need is a rebounder. This is something you may remember from your childhood. All it is, is a mini trampoline that you can fit in the corner of a room. And all you have to do is jump up and down on it! It’s hard not to use it without giggling to yourself. Using it will bring you back to your childhood where you had so much fun jumping on your bed.

“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

When having fun on the rebounder, you are naturally releasing feel good hormones called, endorphin. You’ll be making huge leaps in your fitness and health without knowing it. This seamless exercise is so beneficial that even NASA has used it for their astronauts!

The rebounder will not launch you to the moon, but it will kick-start your health.

The body and mind benefit from the rebounder in more ways than you can count. Regular exercise is very beneficial, but many people don’t know that it actually makes your body really acidic.


Conventional exercise stimulates the adrenal glands every time there’s stress on the body. This then causes the release of a very very bad hormone called Cortisol, a.k.a. the “death hormone,” because it taxes the body, causing rapid aging. Don’t throw away your gym pass just yet, because this is counteracted by the increased amount of oxygen that is pumped throughout the body during your workout.

Now you can take that sight of relief.

Oops, I spoke too soon, because exercise does create a lot of wear and tear on the body over the years. Rebounding doesn’t cause the same wear and tear because, jumping up and down on it creates no impact.

“What about hitting the pad and bouncing off of it?”

That pad actually absorbs much of the impact. It doesn’t create the stress to the joints like how running on concrete or a treadmill will. It uses gravity to tone all muscles in the body at once. Using it actually detoxes your lymphatic system, which is like the body’s sewage system; also aiding in cold prevention.

It makes you fit, clean and smart!

Many of us don’t have time to workout, which is why the mini trampoline is so perfect. We are meant to study in 20 minute increments; using the rebounder during your breaks actually improves memory and enhances focus. It raises your energy levels so you are ready to start studying again.

Use it and Lose it!

It doesn’t matter what physical condition you are in. The rebounder helps people of all ages and health issues. It’s safe, easy and fun! Losing weight couldn’t be any better than this.

Too often we struggle through our lives trying to either make money, or do things we think we have to do. What’s the fun in that?! We need to return to our youth, where we had so much fun and we were full of energy. Using a simple exercise equipment like this will restore the loss energy and youth we had, and it’s super fun to use.


Paul Nijat for

Our guest blogger is the creator of Yoga Do and the author of “Everything I Thought I was & What I Came to Be”.

Our guest blogger-Paul Nijar- is the creator of Yoga Do and the author of “Everything I Thought I was & What I Came to Be”

You can visit his Blog, follow him on twitter , Facebook  and Instagram: paulnijar.

Check out his debut book, “Everything I Thought I was & What I Came to Be” here

Watch his fantastic Yoga Do Intro video!

11 thoughts on “The Most Exhilarating Exercise You Can Do

  1. Oh man….what a great idea! I love jumping and you’re right it brings you right back to your childhood. I’ll have to pick one of these up.

  2. Hey, thanks so much for liking Clump A Day! I love this post about having fun while exercising. I was writing last night about Peter Pan Live (still can’t stop thinking about it), and the dichotomy between being responsible and having fun!

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