10 Signs Someone You Love Will Commit Suicide Soon!

There are 10 things you should watch for in a depressed person which could mean they are ready to commit suicide really soon:

I want to commit suicide

  1. She talks about death all the time and uses phrases like “I’d be better off dead”.
  2. She starts researching lethal objects like guns, pills, and knives etc.
  3. She is preoccupied with death, violence and may even write poems or blog posts about death.
  4. She expresses helplessness and believes that things will never get better.
  5. She indulges in self-hatred using phrases such as “Everyone would be better off without me”.
  6. She starts writing wills, giving away valuable assets and possessions.
  7. She makes unexpected visits and calls to loved ones with very emotional goodbyes at the end of the calls or visits.
  8. She starts withdrawing from friends and family.
  9. She takes part in increased self-destructive behavior like unsafe sex, drug abuse, and violence. After all she knows she will die soon.
  10. A sudden sense of calm after a depression episode takes over because she knows that very soon it will all be over.

Preventing someone who has decided to commit suicide from actually doing it is no easy matter but there are some steps you can take that may help.

Seeking professional help is a must in any case.

Below are some things that you can do:

  1. If you have spotted the signs speak to them and ask them if they are having suicidal tendencies.
  2. Analyze the situation and see if they have real intentions, means, plan, and a time set for their goal,
  3. Offer help and support as a friend and seek professional help at the same time.

I am not an expert on this subject but I felt it necessary and have taken it upon myself to do my two pennies’ worth in addressing this serious matter. This quick blog post’s goal was to give you a quick idea of what to expect and what to do as many of us do not have the time to read all the details on such  a complex subject. It is based on a longer more detailed called  Suicide Prevention found at http://www.helpguide.org/.

Go have a look; you might just save the life of someone you love today.

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