When it’s OK to be Fat Your Mind Will Tell You

When it's OK to be fat

I am sure many of you have felt like giving in to a lifestyle where you do not have to drive to the gym after work to exhaust yourself for another hour. Where you can eat everything and not feel guilty. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world in which you don’t criticize yourself constantly for having little extra fat around your waistline?

When I was about ten, I remember going to the gold market in Sharjah – a neighboring city of Dubai. We got to this very busy electronic store and there was this guy who looked so ripped I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I had seen such people only on TV when watching WWE professional wrestling. I was a spontaneous kid so I just walked up to him and squeezed his biceps as hard as I could. He and his wife looked at me in astonishment and my aunt yanked me out of the store shouting at me. She was clearly embarrassed. I however felt like I had achieved something amazing as I had finally found out how it would feel when I grew up and got buffed.

As soon as I hit my teens I was training like a maniac. I loved every second of it. When I started Martial Arts I became a gym rat and all I did was eat, sleep, and train. One day when I was at the gym and we were rolling on the mat I felt for the first time in my life that I would rather be somewhere else. This was a year ago and I had just turned thirty nine. I felt serenity in my heart and I knew that I had been there and done that and now it was time to slow down. I couldn’t wait to go home and just play with my lovely daughter.

I did not stop training completely; I still train hard and am disciplined. But here is the thing, now that I have taken the pressure off myself; I enjoy my training even more than before.

My dear readers and my beloved followers of this blog listen to your bodies, listen to your minds, and adjust accordingly. Do not fight the wind of change but instead embrace it. If you are getting older, make your workout regime age-appropriate. You can do this by consulting a personal trainer at your local gym.

If you have other issues that may slow you down, don’t stop exercising but take the pressure off of yourself so that it is doable according to your situation. You might not get the same results you would get if you were training like the next Rich Froning but you will really enjoy the moments at the gym where you are not worrying about your problems.  If you do, your mind will tell you that it’s ok that you are not turning into the Incredible Hulk. Don’t misunderstand this message to be a sign of giving up. It is just your mind’s way of telling you that slowing down a little under your circumstances can help you remain consistent and yield better results in the long run.

father and daughter in the grass field

Embrace the wind of change.
photo by arztsamui

4 thoughts on “When it’s OK to be Fat Your Mind Will Tell You

  1. Ahhhh – I am in that boat now. So torn. I want to spend time with my family and not be so hectic every day after work…but, I want to train and be ripped. Such a tough place to be in. I am trying to make it all fit into my schedule and tweaking my workouts to be more “fun” based – like boxing, mountain biking, surfing…but then I miss lifting.

    • Hi mate,
      It’s not actually a bad place to be. It just means that you have even more valuable people in your life. You seem to be handling it well, especially the way you tweak your workouts.
      Today I didnt’t go to the gym but was able to to train. I trained at home with my wife and my 2 year old who was just mimicking us and copying everything we do. We all enjoyed it and still got a real great work out.

  2. Great article. I see so many people of all ages hitting gyms and training like they have a fight for the UFC belt next week. Then they burn out and fade away. You must train appropriately for your lifestyle. When I first started Muay Thai and told the Kru about my injuries and my age but there was no hesitation on his reply. “We’ll work around your injuries and we just train and do what you are capable of. You set the pace and we’ll make sure you do well.” Wow! Finally someone who understood!
    Thanks for getting the word out – train for yourself and your circumstances!

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