How To Easily Enhance Your Performance Without Doping

HOW TO EASILY ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITHOUT DOPINGWhen you train you get better because of:

  • improved oxygen delivery to your muscles;
  • changes in your lungs allow you to take bigger breaths;
  • strengthening of the heart boosts cardiac-output and blood flow;
  • oxygen carrying capacity increases due to the creation of extra red blood cells.

However the energy derived from that oxygen remains the same. This is where beet juice – or beetroot juice as some call it –  comes in. Beet juice has got some amazing performance enhancing capabilities that you need to know about. beetroot juice in a glass with two slices of beetroot Here is why you should start drinking beet juice today:

  • A study showed that beet juice increases energy extraction from oxygen.
  • Beet juice therefore allows you to do the same amount of work with less oxygen (approximately 19% less oxygen).
  • This also gives you greater endurance because if you use less oxygen to work out, you can exercise longer before you get exhausted.
  • Beet juice makes your body’s energy production more efficient.
  • No other drug or food has been known to do this.

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