Food Is NOT the Enemy, Self-Bullying Is!

I want to talk to you about food. For many of you, food creates tension, confusion, love/hate, pleasure, guilt, shame, and secrecy.However, food is never the enemy.
 cooking food

Society Is to Blame

Food is neither good or bad but we as a society have assigned moral values to food. So what happens is that when you eat a food, you believe is “bad”, then you consciously and unconsciously see yourself as a bad person for eating that food.

Yes, there is scientific research that states that specific foods are “good” for you and other kinds of foods are “bad” for you because of their nutritional profile. However, I invite you to be a food scientist, and rather than seeing things as good or bad, to ask yourself: ‘Does this food serve me or not?’

Good Food Versus Bad Food -You Decide

healthy fruit saladThe best educator if a food is going to serve you or not is you and your body! To determine if a food serves you or not ask yourself the following questions before you eat the food (as a baseline), and right after you eat the food, two hours after you eat it, and the next morning.
  1. How are my energy levels? Low, moderate, or high?
  2. How is my mental clarity? Do I have brain fog or am I able to focus and concentrate? Is my mental clarity sharp?
  3. How is my mood: irritable, stable, or angry?  (note: Not the same as how you are feeling about eating that food because your answer will always be guilt).
  4. How is my digestive health: bloated, clear, or constipated?
  5. How did I sleep last night?
Track these questions every time you eat your “forbidden food”. You will see if there are actually negative effects on your inner health. Do not focus so much on what you think and know about the food  based on what you have learned about it from outside resources. Be a food scientist and use yourself as the subject.

People React Differently to Food

good and bad foodHow certain food affects one person may have a very different effect on another person. For example, my husband can eat granola and not have sugar hangover, whereas for me, when I have granola (in appropriate serving size), my belly starts to hurt and my head starts to spin. So if I choose to eat granola, I make it a conscious decision that I am also choosing to accept the consequences. That means I will not beat myself up for enjoying it and experiencing the negative effects on my body afterwards. I take it for what it is and move on.
You may be surprised to learn that what you thought was bad for you, may actually not have any negative impact on you. Sometimes, however, it may confirm that it does! Ultimately, this is how you can start neutralizing your food and stop seeing food as good or bad.
Food is not the enemy…bullying yourself is!
Food is just food.  You can change your story. You can change the way you respond to food, regardless of what it is.
I’d love to hear from you about how your food scientist experience is! 🙂 What did you learn?

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Rosalyn Fung The ZeitRosalyn Fung is a Registered Psychologist & Founder of Holistic Body Love. She is a wellness speaker, consultant, mentor, writer & blogger. Roz specializes in Holistic Nutritional Psychology in which she empowers people in their relationship with food, body image, weight, as well as digestion, fatigue, immunity and mood.

Her approach is a combination of eating psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, family systems and nutritional therapy. She’s the go-to person to help you understand how to feel normal around food, and break-free from body image and weight struggles.

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5 thoughts on “Food Is NOT the Enemy, Self-Bullying Is!

  1. Hi! I agree to a point. And I need to refer to my great auntie Coco. She was a real trooper, and a classy lady, too. She was always very slim and her secret was to indulge her cravings. Ok, fair enough: she didn’t often have cravings. Restraint can be so stressful! But you can re-programme your brain to crave foods that are better for you.

    I think that it all boils down to what we use food for: what are we really feeding? Is it an emotional void that we’re trying to fill? Because that one doesn’t get filled in with food no matter how much you eat.

    • Hi VbThompson! Thanks for your input- I TOTALLY agree with you!!! This post is meant to be for those who really are black and white thinkers and are stuck on “mind hunger” – where they are so stuck on certain foods and become so rigid in their diet (i.e., many of my clients) that they feel so guilty, then beat themselves up, punish self via purging or excess overexercising- because they had 1 cookie. So yes what you’re talking about is true with the various kinds of hunger, which is what I also help my clients learn 🙂

  2. Hi. I believe a bit differently. Its not the FOOD that is bad for us, it is the additives and chemicals and things that the FDA allows the companies to put in our food. I am a registered nurse for thirty years. I am constantly researching and genetically modified organisms ( GMOS) WILL kill you. They are responsible for many cancers and definitely multi- organ system failure. This is a medical fact. Hence the rise in cancer, diabetes, liver failure requiring dialysis.
    They cause mastitis in cows so they give them antibiotics as a preventative but we still have no way of knowing how much pus is in our milk. I think too, with regards to food in general, stay as natural as possible ( I cannot afford 100% organic diet) and a big key is moderation. Don’t over-eat. If you do, your body and organs will pay for it over time.
    🙂 you have a nice site. I think people need to research the stuff they are putting in theirs and their children’s bodies. Research for yourself and I’m sure it will change the types of food you buy. Have a blessed day.

  3. Your post is timely for me. I am normally nutrition-minded and disciplined about food, but have fallen off the wagon. I know it’s not about hunger, cravings or lack of control. I’ve been using food to mentally escape from uncomfortable social and work-related situations. I like your approach about weighing the consequences before making the choice. I also agree to allow your awareness of your body’s reaction to food to help guide that choice. When I am at my best engaging with people, I focus on the people and not the food. Your post may help me get back on track.

    • Hi Gail, thank you so much for sharing, and I am so glad that this post was helpful for you! You are definitely not alone, you’re speaking for many people who can relate to your situation, so thank you for your courage to speak up 🙂 Be sure to subscribe to my E-Guide 8 Ways to Cope with Stress & Manage Cravings so that you can further your success! (Link at the bottom of my blog post)

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