Healthy All-Season Travel Tips

Healthy travel tipsHuman being’s constant desire for exploring new places and getting different kinds of experiences has continued to increase over the years. It is a natural thing to want to have a vacation in an exotic foreign country and indeed this can be the adventure of a lifetime.

In order to make the most out of it and take only pleasurable memories back home, you have to prepare for the vacation as best as you can.

If you are like most of us who are always concerned about our health, then, taking care of all the basics when it comes to keeping your fitness in check will really allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

After you choose the destination for your trip, you should go and have a medical check-up. I recommend finding a doctor that specializes in travel. This is required primarily because you might need specific precautions against different types of diseases. It is not healthy to believe that it is only necessary to take an immunization only if you are going to a place with tropical climate or an underdeveloped area. With the global pandemics, you should really do your best to stay healthy during your trip. Your medical exam will help to show if there’s any problem that requires treatment before you leave so that you do not encounter any problem when you are away from your home.

In a more detailed approach, below is a step to step guide for healthy traveling abroad tips:

  1. Before you decide on your destination, please read the CDC website for advisories. Safety and disease prevention are the most basic elements of health! Travel and health insurance abroad are available too, make sure to secure both before leaving home. If you are doing specific sports, check insurance needs for those sports.
  2. Know before you go. Check out for your destination and read the restaurant and healthy food store reviews for your area!
  3. Know before you go. Call your hotel and ask if there is a gym and/or pool.  Ask if they know any local trails.
  4. Know before you go. Get a travel guide for your destination and look online for hikes, scenic streets, famous walks, etc.  You can also look for a gym or recreational center.
  5. Know before you go. Weather! Check the weather and make sure to bring weather-appropriate clothing like rain coats or heavy coats if needed.  Hotels may have umbrellas that you can borrow so ask them when you call there.
  6. What season is it where you’re going? Are they known for outdoor sports like snowboarding, skiing, or SCUBA diving?
  7. Bring a reusable water bottle, so you can fill it when you pass security and stay hydrated during your flight and throughout your trip.
  8. Stay moving. Get up once an hour to make sure you’re circulating your body.  Stretch if there is a common area.
  9. Bring a backpack so you can walk more during your entire adventure.
  10. Foot maintenance! Take care of your pedicure, etc. before you go so you can walk and walk and walk.


While flowing along with the excitement and anticipation new adventures bring, remember to learn more about your destination country and its cultural traditions, social customs and regulations. Usually, what is considered a perfectly normal behavior in your country might be offensive and rude in your destination place. Respecting the local way of life, religious and political views, and the law is of great importance for having a fun filled vacation. For example running around in a bathing suit might be fine at the beach, but inappropriate to wear in a supermarket.

The suggestions in this article will guide you through everything you need as you plan to live a healthy lifestyle before and after you get to your destination!

Michele the Trainer is your Wellness Expert, Motivational and Wellness Speaker, Published Author, Concierge Celebrity Personal Trainer, voted Best Fitness Trainer Los Angeles Daily News 2013/2014/2015/2016. Michele’s success losing 165 pounds holistically and keeping it off since 1998 is very inspirational. Click here for fun free stuff and information from Michele the Trainer 877-409-1758

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