The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight? You’re Not Drinking Enough Water!


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Okay, there is nothing sexy about this. All I drink is water. I’ll have a diet Coke if I go out to eat on the weekends to make me feel like I’m not really dieting. But other than that, it’s all water. Now, I’m one of those girls who like to order fruit smoothies with her dinner and drink a tall glass of apple juice with my breakfast. But while dieting, I realized that I was drinking lots of my calories. And trust me, I’d rather apply my calories to something more filling and fun like yogurt, granola or a chocolate rice cake. So I had to cut out the fun drinks. But, guess what?  When I drink water, I lose weight. If I eat right, exercise but don’t drink lots of water, the weight comes off much slower. So that should be motivation enough as to why you should get your drink on.

I try to get in six to eight 16-ounce bottles a day. My goal is to drink a gallon of water daily. However, if I hit 5-6 six bottles in a day, I’m cool with that.  I know it can be tough to get in all that water each day. That’s why I’m sharing 3 tips and tricks that I use to get them in.

Tip #1 – Work Out

run with water bottle
I find that I drink way more water on the days that I work out. I can go through two 16-ounce bottles of water during my workout. I’ll have a bottle with my breakfast and then I’ll force another bottle down right before I hit the showers. That’s four bottles of water – a half gallon of water – all before 10:00am! I’ll down two bottles with lunch and two more with my dinner. There you have it, a gallon of water in a day.

Tip #2 – Put Your Water in a Visible Place

water bottle
One thing that helps is that when I get up in the morning, I’ll immediately put eight bottles of water out on the counter. I do this for two reasons. The first reason I do this is so I can see the water. Just seeing it is a constant reminder to drink my water. The second reason I do this is because I lose track of how many bottles I’ve consumed throughout the day. During the day, I am running after my kids, doing laundry and working on the computer. It’s easy for me to forget how many bottles of water I have already drank. Just a quick look at the counter and I know how many more bottles I need to drink to reach my goal of a gallon a day.

Tip #3 – Drink When Hungry

water lake
Did you know that your body confuses hunger and thirst symptoms? So when you feel those hunger pangs, you may actually be thirsty, not hungry. Your body may be telling you to get more water in your diet. So if I think I’m hungry, I’ll just grab a bottle of water. This is especially good if I have an hour or two to go before I have to eat again. The water fills me up and holds me over to my next meal time.

I know, I know!  It is difficult to drink only water. But when you see those pounds dropping off it will inspire you to keep drinking more water. Also, a funny thing will happen, your body will actually start craving water. So drink up.

Which of these tips will you use to drink more water while dieting?  Leave a comment in the section below and let me know.

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19 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight? You’re Not Drinking Enough Water!

  1. This is such a witty post! I like how you’ve encouraged me and your other readers to drink water and not take it for granted in a refreshing way.

  2. Great tip my friends for water is the medium which our billions of cells communicate through. Also water is wonderful for detoxification…..including removal of metabolites {byproducts of our metabolism} and facilitates weight-loss by eliminating toxins and helping to eliminate the feeling of hunger which is often more a result of dehydration than hunger!

  3. Couldn’t agree more! I used to drink energy drinks and coke etc. As soon as a switched onto drinking only water the change was massive, hard at first going from a lot of caffeine but after a while I felt so much better in myself for it! Great post!

  4. Totally agree with you. I used to eat poorly and drink soda. When I switched from soda to water I started to lose weight right away. After 2 years with better eating habits and a bare minimum of 2 litters of water a day I have lost 86 pounds. Water is definitely the key.

  5. Great approach, I agree with you in quite a few points. It’s amazing for example, that often hunger will go away with just drinking!

    I have a question though: how did you pick the amount of 1 gallon per day? That sounds terribly lot.

    • The most important thing is to keep a target. If you get anywhere close to it you are good. You will get the rest from fruits and other sources.
      Keeping your botttle near you at all times helps hit the target too.

  6. I know I need to drink more water thanks for the reminder..& yes I could stand to lose some of my muffin’s not too bad but still I don’t like it much. I do try to step up my water intake here and there but it never sticks cuz there is 0 taste. And being that I’m against artificial sweeteners I won’t be adding any flavor enhancers to my water..I know there are many out there that are tempting to most. This is definitely a good post to keep in mind.

  7. I seem to have hit a plateau with my weight loss for the past few months. I dropped from 205 lbs down to 172 lbs and now I seem to just hover around that 172 -174 lbs. no higher, but also no lower. Maybe this is just what I need to bump-start more weight loss. I have a 22 oz. plastic tumbler with a lid and straw that I bought at the dollar store which I use for drinks since I find that more environmentally friendly than disposable bottles. I could put hair ties or something around the cup to keep track of how many cups worth I have had during a day, that or use masking tape or something. Are you sure a gallon of water a day is not too much? Seems like a lot of water to me. =)

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