Stay Healthy in College

5 Tips for Avoiding Bad Food Habits and Implementing Good Ones

  1. Lock away your ‘poisons’. When I say ‘poisons’ I mean any type of food that could be considered junk food and food that you know is bad for you. Keeping these foods out of sight, means that when you do eat one of these foods, you are a making a conscious decision to eat unhealthily and will make you more aware of your own bad food habits! Having these foods in your home gives you the freedom to have it when you need it and will hopefully prevent any spontaneous purchases of junk food. Treat yourself, allow yourself two things out of the box over the weekend so it’s something to look forward to in the week.
  2. Stop buying meals and cook more. Cooking meals from scratch will wean you off processed foods which are incredibly bad for the body. Buying staples such as wholegrain rice, pasta, bread, sweet potatoes, quinoa, tortilla wraps, taco shells allows you to build a meal from scratch. Assign yourself a takeaway day so you have something in the week to look forward to; this will encourage you to cook more.
  3. Buy fresh produce from your local farmer’s market. By doing so you will be supporting the environment and the community while keeping you thin, your wallet fat and not the other way around! Fresh produce from a farmer’s market is actually much cheaper than buying from a supermarket.
  4. Snack on fruit and nuts. The energy and nutritional benefits from fruit and nuts are so much better than the fat and sugars in chocolates and crisp.
  5. Try not to let yourself go hungry so don’t skip meals! Excessive hunger will lead to binge eating! Spend more time on the kitchen, cooking larger and more filling meals which you can store and reheat for later. Don’t be afraid to spend time cooking because it’ll be worth it in the long run- studying or procrastinating from studying can be put on hold for an hour whilst you cook. Try your best to make time to enjoy a filling breakfast however there will be days where you have to rush out of the house; in these circumstances have a backup, on-the-go breakfast that you can grab as you’re leaving the house. I usually have a couple of flapjacks in my cupboard which I eat for breakfast if I have not given myself enough time to eat something more substantial. Doing this means that I am at least eating something healthy as I am not eating an unhealthy junk food snack and it means that I am not starving myself.

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