From Four Insulin Shots per Day to None: Tips I Used – Book Review

From Four Insulin Shots per Day to None: Tips I used

AuthorTracie Cheadle is a Health & Wellness coach.

“In this short read, I included tips I used to help lower my A1C and eliminate insulin altogether. I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results but I can guarantee that you will have positive results.” – Tracie Headle

Purpose: Tracie aims to provide information that can help diabetics control their diabetes and live a healthier life. She based the book on her own experience as a diabetic. Tracie strongly believes that the body can heal itself if you take care of it and challenges you to make up your mind and follow the tips in her book.

The Motivation Behind the Book

In 2012, Travie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and hyperthyroidism. She had a blood glucose level of 600. In denial, she didn’t know that her diet was causing her body to shut down.

“At first, he couldn’t tell me whether I had type 1 or type 2 diabetes. I feared type 1 because I knew that I would have to give myself shots. The next day I anxiously awaited his visit. He confirmed my worst fear. He told me that I had type-1 diabetes. I have always hated needles and SHOTS!” – Tracie Heald

After months of using insulin, which her body didn’t take so well, she changed her lifestyle and was intrigued at how her body responded to the changes in her diet. Today, her mission is to help others through information and consultation. She has included the tips that she used to help her go from four insulin shots per day to none.

From Four Insulin Shots Per Day to None

The Low-Down

The tips from this book stem from a combination of the author’s will to get better naturally and a pragmatic approach to improving her health as a whole. Tracie did not rely on her doctor’s advice alone. She actually experimented and dotted down how she felt and what her blood glucose levels.

“I used to sample processed food just to see how my body would react and I would experience…..” – Tracie Headle

The Highlights

In the fight to become a healthier person as a whole and eliminating the use of insulin shots, Tracie went all out to make her diet natural. She explains how the food she consumed made her feel. She goes further to explain the way the food in her diet helps the body improve on different levels. For anyone suffering from any condition, it is important to know both: the effects on your body and the way you would feel when changing your diet. This book is simple, honest, easy to read, and straight from the heart.

Critique Points

This book is by no means an ‘academic blockbuster’. The level of scientific reference is close to none. It is a book written from the very heart and soul of the author. She truly wants to help others in who are going through what she went.


Worth your time: 3/5

Entertainment value: 2/5

Impartiality: 4/5

Context and completeness: 2/5

New discoveries: 1/5

Readability: 3/5

Scientific references: 1/5

Our total score: 2/5

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