A Holistic Health and Fitness Formula We All Need

Disclaimer: The following article is for people for whom health is merely a requirement for their mission in life and nothing more.

The purpose of health and fitness is to have a body that supports successful fulfilment of our mission in life. It is not about getting jacked and looking like Greek Gods or Goddesses. While having a better looking physique can be a wholesome objective, it is not the primary purpose of working out.

The four pillars of holistic health and fitness are:

1. The Five Components of Physical Fitness

There are five components of physical fitness. It is important for us to target all five and give equal value to all of them. We often see people who work on one component more than others. That creates an imbalance. Even though that might result in looking good, it doesn’t result in overall health and fitness. The five components of physical fitness are:

  • Strength: Strength is one’s ability to lift weights. More the strength, heavier weights can one lift.
  • Endurance: Endurance is one’s ability to do an activity for a prolonged duration of time. More the endurance, more can one persist despite fatigue.
  • Speed: Speed is the measure of maximum repetitions of a particular movement in a given duration of time. More the speed, more repetitions of a particular movement can one do in a given duration of time.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is the measure of one’s ability to stretch a set of muscles without discomfort. More the flexibility, more can one stretch comfortably.
  • Co-ordination: Co-ordination is one’s ability to do different movements in a particular order simultaneously.

We must work on all the five components to develop overall health and fitness. Here are a few simple exercises targeting each component:

  • Strength: Pushups, Pull-ups
  • Endurance: Running, Skipping
  • Speed: Sprints
  • Flexibility: Stretching
  • Co-ordination: Yoga, Swimming

2. Moderate Workout

What is the optimal duration of working out to have a healthy and fit body? This is too subjective to be answered accurately. Different people and researchers point to different opinions. But one thing that we all will probably agree with is that middle path is often the best path. That anything in extremes is usually not healthy and we should practice everything in moderation.

You may have to experiment and test some workout routines and patterns to find out what best suits your health and fitness needs. What I have found through my personal experience is that 20-30 minutes of workout once in the morning and once in the evening is optimal for my needs. That way I am able to start my day feeling energised and re-amp my energy in the evening.

One simple yogic workout can help us work on all the five components of physical fitness and health and is quite moderate. It’s called Surya Namaskar. 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar are quite optimal and take less than 25 minutes to do. It improves back flexibility, helps with all kinds of back pain and improves one’s posture also.

3. Balanced Diet; Eating Healthy and In Moderation

Again, it is very important to have a balanced diet and include all the necessary nutrients in adequate amounts. Secondly, we should avoid unhealthy habits be it eating junk food or eating a lot. One very healthy eating habit is to eat two fruits a day. Another important thing is to eat in moderation and drink adequate amounts of water. What is the adequate amount of water? Simple rule, when you feel thirsty, drink it.

4. Moderation in Sex and No Masturbation

Sexual energy is the most potent energy in the human body. The seminal fluid, according to ayurveda, is formed using 80 drops of blood. One may imagine how much energy a few drops of the vital fluid contains. Many studies have been conducted and it is found that conservation of sexual energy results in vitality, health and beautification of the body. There are numerous other benefits of conserving the sexual energy like an increase in willpower, motivation, focus and clarity, improvement in one’s speaking voice, memory, eyesight, regrowth of lost hair, increase in courage and confidence etc. One must, thus, consider this one simple step that results in so many health and fitness benefits and more.

Sagar Takker

Sagar Takker works with individuals, on their issues and challenges, who are wholeheartedly committed to improving themselves in order to improve the situations and circumstances of their lives. 

Sagar Takker is passionate about self-improvement, psychology and spirituality. He expresses his passion through writing blog posts and sharing thoughts; ideas and insights through videos on YouTube, public speaking, and random conversations with people. He deeply loves creativity and letting it come out in the form of poetry. A health and fitness enthusiast, he loves running, yoga, parkour, and martial arts. 

Connect with him and his journey, visit his blog: youtransmute.wordpress.com

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