All I can say about this video is the following:

If you are trying to lose weight and are tired of getting the same old generic tips on how to do it, you MUST watch this video by Donny Dunn:

Donny Dunn The ZeitDonny Dunn lost 150 pounds in 6 months 2 years ago. From May of 2013 to November of 2013 and kept it off ever since. His goal is to inspire you with his weight loss journey, impress you with healthy recipes, and cooking videos.

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  2. I watched your two 6 Tips on Weight Loss videos. You nailed outlining your entirely achievable plan and encouraging others to not give up. Good job. Keep up the great work.

  3. How did you go from overweight to muscular so fast? What was your weight training to cardio ratio?
    I am really curios Donny. Keep going!

    • Hi Adriano,

      Thanks for watching and thanks for your questions! I’m happy to answer.

      I’ve been into weight lifting since my early 20s so I still had some muscle underneath the extra weight. The weight loss was a very low calorie regimen to lose it that quickly which is something I don’t recommend and have evolved from. I eat 7 times a day now.

      I worked my way up to almost 3 hours of cardio per day in 2013 during the actual weight loss with little to no weight training. I’d use the highest setting on the elliptical for my strength. I stuck with that up until earlier this year where I changed to a weight training routine with 60 minutes of cardio per day and 90 minutes of weight training per day and this serves as my daily schedule currently. It’s usually broken into two sessions per day. You certainly don’t need to go to that extreme though. Your diet is the most important thing. The training I do would be pointless without the diet (lifestyle).

  4. I have to say. You dont get an idea how good this video is from the title. I have seen so many similar titles. But whats in it is so valuable. Getting hungrier when I start training has been my biggest problem. When will you post part two?

    • Antoniona,

      I’m happy to have pleasantly surprised you with my content. I really wanted to speak about things from my own experience and what I actually did to stay on track rather than give the same generic advice I see from the experts out there. It’s more than just exercising and cutting calories. You need the mindset before anything else.

      Part 2 will be up this Saturday. I got new lighting equipment so I refilmed parts 4-6 yesterday but am not quite happy with tip 4 so I may reshoot that. Here’s a sneak peak of the other 3 tips….

      4. Diet=Lifestyle
      5. Prepare Meals Ahead Of Time
      6…..I can’t give them all away on here now can I? Stay tuned this Saturday!

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