Top 12 Health Dangers of Tattoos You Should Know

Tattoos are increasingly becoming popular, but they can pose major and serious health risks than you have ever thought. While the process of getting a tattoo is simple, you should carefully think about the health effects of the permanent body art before considering having one. Tattoos refer to permanent marks or designs made on your skin using pigments that are inserted through pricks into the outer layer of your skin. During the process, the needles insert tiny droplets of ink and can cause a small bleeding or pain. Here are the top 12 health dangers of tattoos:

1-Skin Infections

Tattoos are made using needles with ink that rips off part of the skin. During the process, the needles may leave small open wounds at points of insertion. This makes your skin more porous for bacteria and can lead to infections. According to a small study recently published in the journal Contact Dermatitis, about 1 in 10 people who get tattoos experience problems like infection, redness, and swelling. You should always get your tattoos from experts who use anesthesia and observe proper hygiene to reduce the risk of skin infections. It is also worthy noting that needles can worsen an already underlying skin problem.

2-Allergic Reactions

Tattoo dyes come in different colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, black, or white. Some of these dyes can trigger allergic reactions, including irritation, inflammation, itchiness or rash at the insertion sites. Such allergic reactions can occur immediately after a tattoo is made or even years later. You may be pleased to have the best tattoo among your peers, but you will possibly be alone when facing major allergic reactions in the future. It might be too costly or impossible to reverse some of the changes that come with tattoos. To avoid such an event, appreciate the appearance on your skin or opt for tattoos that are less invasive or those made with mild dyes. Continue reading