How to Get Rid of Post Summertime Blues

summer bluesI love summer! Inhaling the scent of suntan lotion, while feeling the warmth of the sun shining on me and listening to the Beach Boys, my toes in the sand. If you love summer, you know what a bummer it is when it ends. Oh, the heat, the fruit and the beach, ah!

When the cool air of fall starts creeping in, we have to change modes quickly. If we were working out in water, at an outdoor or seasonally heated pool for example, we may have to change that up.

How can we extend our summer fun feelings and prevent the post-summertime blues?

  • Embrace the Fall – Check out my blog on awesome flavors that will make you feel like you are drinking sunshine in a glass.
  • Dress for Success – There are some great stylish workout clothes that will keep you warm and comfortable as the weather gets chillier. Changing into seasonally appropriate clothes can make the transition much less shocking. Time to pull out the gloves and scarves!
  • Eat for the Season – Fall brings some of the best vegetables of the year. Hearty squash, yummy beans, and lots and lots of sweet corn make fall a great time for food.
  • Don’t hide –We tend to hide in our houses as the weather turns colder, only going out for Thanksgiving and other holidays. Get out. Socialize. Visit friends. Enjoy people while you are experiencing the cool.
  • Learn more and embrace weather – Summer can be a one note season: sun, sun, sun (love love love!). However, autumn brings a variety of clouds, storms, winds, and lots of great weather. Learn to enjoy watching all that Mother Nature offers.
  • Trees – In many parts of the country, the changing of the leaves is a huge event. Don’t view it through the glass of your windshield; get out and hike in nature. The season will be wonderful if you get to see the bright colors and smell the wondrous woods in autumn. Learn more about how to enjoy trees and leaves here:
  • Take advantage of the off-season – Many of the outdoor locations that are packed all summer are nearly empty now. It’s an excellent time to enjoy walking, running or cycling the beach. You can get into campgrounds, onto hiking trails, even long walks through amusement parks without huge crowds and with school back in session you might find some discounts.

As summer turns to fall, all it really takes is a commitment to really enjoy the changes that are happening and to learn to love the chill.

These are just a few ideas. What ways do you keep fall exciting and full of fun and fitness?



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