Eco-friendly Cleaning Methods for Your Kitchen

Taking a walk through the cleaning aisle in almost any store can easily create the impression that the only way to maintain a kitchen is to unleash a host of toxic chemicals against it. There are, however, a number of ways to keep your cooking area looking great without resorting to harsher and less eco-friendly methods. A handful of common household ingredients can be utilized to create effective cleaners, and the right approach to maintaining a kitchen can reduce the appearance of grime in the first place.

Vinegar, Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Eco friendly kitchen sink cleaning

A combination of vinegar, baking soda and water is often the only thing that’s needed to tackle a number of household cleaning jobs. If you wish to give the cleaner a little more power to fight grime, simply add some dish soap to the mixture. Mix it up, pour it into a spray bottle and apply it liberally to all kinds of messes. For more stubborn stains, especially old ones that are set in, hydrogen peroxide may do the trick.

Essential Oils and Lemon

Essential oil and lemon for kitchen cleaning

Cleaning a kitchen is one thing, but most people also want their home to smell nice. Adding a drop of lemon, something that many people can grow in their backyards, to a cleaning solution or rubbing a mixture of lemon juice and water onto a surface is a great way to improve the smell. If you’d like to try a different smell, most stores now sell a wide selection of essential oils that can also be applied by simply mixing them with water or you can mix them with olive oil and use it to polish your wooden surfaces.

Baking Soda and Charcoal as Deodorizers

Charcoal as Deodorizer

Baking soda has a number of uses in the household, and one of its best applications is as a deodorizer. Another popular deodorizer is crushed charcoal. Either method can be used in a kitchen, and by dressing it up inside some cheesecloth and hanging it, you can avoid having an ugly baking soda box or charcoal pile in your kitchen.

Boiling Water for Stoves and Sinks

boiling water to clean stoves and sinks

A lot of the grease that finds its way onto your stove got there while being boiled with water, and it can be sent packing using the same method. You can also dump boiling water down your sink as a way to keep kitchen drains from clogging.

Improve Air Quality

kitchen sink

Much of the dirt that develops in a kitchen is simply a product of poor indoor air quality. Don’t forget to replace air filters in heating and air conditioning units. If the weather permits, don’t be afraid to open a window while cooking in order to allow grease from smoke to find its way out. If you live in a region where that’s not a viable approach, installing a high quality range hood may also be worth the cost. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference air quality can make toward keeping a cooking space clean.

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13 thoughts on “Eco-friendly Cleaning Methods for Your Kitchen

  1. Terrific ideas! I love eco-friendly cleaning solutions and I agree that lemons are great! 🙂 I use baking soda every day while cooking, cleaning and experimenting with homemade products! I know that I can use it not only to clean, but also to deodorize and I do it often. The only thing that amazes me and is new to me is that the crushed charcoal could be used as deodorizer too! Thank you for the post! 🙂 Greets! 🙂

  2. Great information! I think it’s so funny how the pendulum swings – people used to have to use homemade, natural cleaners. Now we choose to use them over the chemically, store-bought options.

    I just made homemade laundry soap for the first time! And of course posted on my blog about it. I’m pretty stoked to try more homemade cleaning recipes, so this post was perfect. Thanks!

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