Would You Take Potentially Risky Drugs That Improve Cognitive Function?

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My body my choice.

What I do to my body is my own choice and no one else’s, regardless of the reason. Of course if I participate in an activity that puts others at risk such as driving under the influence of the drugs then it is not okay. But that was not stipulated, it is irrelevant to this particular question. In conclusion it is okay for me to take whatever I want if it is done responsibly. – Gina Ortiz – University Graduate

Guy loves smart drugs

I’ve been taking smart drugs since high school and look at me! Image by stockimages

Taking cognition improvement drugs isn’t worth the risk.

While enhancing performance has many benefits, the benefits are not worth risking your health and happiness for. Taking risky drugs could lead to severe consequences such as depression or physical disability. The risks associated with certain cognitive improvement drugs far outweigh any benefits that can be gained. It’s not worth putting yourself at risk for benefits that are relatively minor. – Abid Farooq – Chemical Engineer

Dude smart drugs aint cool

Dude! Like, most of these drugs have not been tested right? This is like X-Men sh** waiting to happen. Image by artur84

Risk vs Reward; that’s all I’m saying.

It all depends on how risky the drugs are and what the potential outcome of the drug is compared to the potential cognitive gain. If the drug might kill you versus  increasing your attention 5 percent then no way! But if the side effects are potentially minimal for untapped brain power then by all means its worth the risk. – Brian Burton – High School Senior

Hard working chinese man

I work 16 hours a day at my restaurant. Perhaps I could use a boost. Image by Sira Anamwong

Addiction is bad so why seek it?

It is not okay to use drugs to enhance cognitive functioning. Many kids I coach on college campus resort to taking Adderall in order to improve their performance. This does give them an edge in the short run, but in the long run, it leads to addiction; which becomes a strain on the student’s health and finances. – David Laughlin – Wrestler

Are you kidding me? And you complain that your urine is green right?  by num_skyman

Are you kidding me? And you complain that your urine is green right? by num_skyman

We stimulate the mind and body in countless ways, why not for cognitive function?

Yes, a person should,have a choice to take drugs to improve cognitive function. Coffee sharpens the senses, amphetamines speed the mind, psychedelics open it, and cannabis calms it down. Addiction is the problem, not the drugs. Drugs should be freely available in a national health care system. And yes,  for whichever cognitive function applicable. The benefits include legal profits, taxation, increased productivity, and the possibility of interesting new ideas being discovered.- Nina Fernandez -Criminal Psychologist



8 thoughts on “Would You Take Potentially Risky Drugs That Improve Cognitive Function?

  1. Sorry but no amount of success and money is worth filling your system with drugs and supplements. The only good thing I saw there was that he lost a huge amount of weight and that he recognises the nature connection as a necessity to allow his brain to function. Mankind has lost the plot when it comes to wanting to be faster, smarter and more successful than everyone around us. Good article though….an eye opener on how I would NOT want to live

      • I have dealt with depression since I was a teenager, and did the normal experimental stuff back in the 70’s like dope smoking etc. Didn’t actually take anti depressant drugs till I was in my mid 30s after a major depressive breakdown following a sibling’s death. Having already had chemotherapy for Breast cancer at 30 , and then again at 53 , and knowing the feeling of sitting in a room thinking….. I am about to pump my body full of toxins to stay alive …. I would never again willingly take anything to make it work faster and harder than it can do. I still take anti depressants and although I would prefer not to, I know that I am better with them than without. Now i have a teenage daughter to care for and enjoy and a husband that I love and LIFE is enough for me.
        The richest people in the world cannot escape the end of their time when it comes …. after all 10/10 of us are going to get there eventually 😉

  2. Interesting video. Sounds expensive to buy into all these nootropics … and if some of the side effects are insomnia, restlessness, jitters, nausea … I’m not interested. Insomnia sucks! I’ll take a little brain fog over insomnia for sure! AND these supplements aren’t well-regulated either and if they become regulated than their overall expensive cost will only skyrocket!

    I think the best bet, and this is a nurse I say this, is to eat in a healthy manner and exercise regularly while maintaining the best emotional health you can.

    BUT kudos to that guy for caring about his body, getting rid of brain fog and coming down to a healthy weight from 300 lbs.!

  3. I take enough drugs now that affect my brain and are addictive. The last thing I need is to mess with my brain more. I have terrible cognitive skills right now, but I will live with them rather than trying more drugs.

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