Would You Take Potentially Risky Drugs That Improve Cognitive Function?

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My body my choice.

What I do to my body is my own choice and no one else’s, regardless of the reason. Of course if I participate in an activity that puts others at risk such as driving under the influence of the drugs then it is not okay. But that was not stipulated, it is irrelevant to this particular question. In conclusion it is okay for me to take whatever I want if it is done responsibly. – Gina Ortiz – University Graduate

Guy loves smart drugs

I’ve been taking smart drugs since high school and look at me! Image by stockimages

Taking cognition improvement drugs isn’t worth the risk.

While enhancing performance has many benefits, the benefits are not worth risking your health and happiness for. Taking risky drugs could lead to severe consequences such as depression or physical disability. The risks associated with certain cognitive improvement drugs far outweigh any benefits that can be gained. It’s not worth putting yourself at risk for benefits that are relatively minor. – Abid Farooq – Chemical Engineer

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