Bikini Body – Why We Don’t Care & Why You Shouldn’t Either

I don’t know about you, but to me the notion of walking around the shore 3/4 naked in front of thousands of strangers is not so decent. Somewhere along the line we have been programmed to think that if we add sand and water or a swimming pool to the picture, it’s OK to expose parts of our bodies that should only be exposed to ourselves and those sharing our bed.

On top of all that, we let photo-shopped images and television dictate how we should look when we are walking around 3/4 naked in front of strangers.

Judgement by Stuart Miles

Should anyone pass judgement based on how others look? by Stuart Miles

We beat ourselves every summer to get that bikini body. Why does your self-esteem need to come from how people perceive you or by the way you look when you are almost naked. Which brings me to the sad fact about today’s ‘before and after photos’– read  WEIGHT LOSS VS. HAPPINESS. People please, you do not have to be in your underwear to show how much weight you’ve lost and I am pretty sure no one wants to see the picture of your behind.

Traumatized middle aged man

No matter how proud you are of your behind, believe it or not , seeing it on the internet could traumatize others. Image by stockimages

So anyway shouldn’t self-esteem be about the person you are and the values you hold? Here at The Zeit we are very blatant about the true values of being healthy and fit, and that’s why we recently made this 20-second video which loosely explains our value proposition :

We are not telling you not to get fit for the summer, we are telling you keep striving to stay fit and look good for the whole year. Be happy with how you look and don’t be easily defined; if you do, then you are allowing entities to oppress you and dictate to you what the best version of yourself is.

7 thoughts on “Bikini Body – Why We Don’t Care & Why You Shouldn’t Either

  1. Awesome article! This point- “why does your self-esteem come from how people perceive you”, is what I like best. It is very important to feel good about yourself and love yourself irrespective of the fact what others think. Being fit is more about keeping your body healthy than someone else’s perception of how you look. My weight issues have led to some serious back ache and it would surely help if I manage to lose some weight!

  2. I have had this post sitting in my mailbox. I subscribed to the blog and got the email but have not had a chance to read it, I actually put it on my to do because the title was so catchy. Let me just tell you it was totally worth my coffee break 🙂 I love it and will be sharing on my Facebook page. I really think a lot of women will benefit from this post.

  3. I like the way you have emphasised that we need to continuously work towards fitness all the time. It shouldn’t define our happiness. I read somewhere that the only way to have a bikini body, is to wear a bikini! I’ve seen alot of people sweating it out for a couple of months and then totally giving up on fitness after they have achieved their goal. I like the way you have encouraged people to always strive for fitness since it’s a life long process.

  4. I’m 190 LBS and 5 ‘ 4″! So I do need to loose weight. I’d love to loose about 20 pounds just to feel better physically. The way I look has nothing to do with it. Although it would be nice if my abdomen didn’t stick out farther than my boobs. But it’s not keeping me up at night worrying about how I look. Rather my weight may be keeping me from a good night’s sleep due to apnea I most likely have.

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