7 Popular Summer Foods You Must Add To Your Diet

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Summer is that period of the year when there is a lot of fresh produce. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits and therefore during this period one can eat healthy and fresh foods. Summer is not only encompassed with delicious foods but it is also the period when we have the sunshine at its best that makes our body to be dehydrated and also exposes us to healthy problems such as skin cancer and insomnia. Drinking water alone does not restore hydration and a healthy body. Fruits and vegetables are essential foods that must be eaten to maintain a healthy body. Therefore in this article we would look at seven popular foods you must add to your diet in summer.7 Popular summer foods you must add to your diet1

Juicy and delicious berries

During summer, our body gets dehydrated due to excessive heat from the sun. We need to restore this water, as water is an essential component in the normal functioning of the body. Therefore the berries either blackberries, blueberries and strawberries are rich in both nutrients and also have excess water that restores the body water. This helps maintain the body water level and promoting stable body processes such as digestion, absorption, excretion and elimination of toxic wastes.


Orange grapefruits are another selection you can choose during summer. It helps you maintain a healthy body weight and also contain enough water to restore excessive water lost during dehydration. Apart from containing so much water the grapefruits also contain phytochemicals that are important in the body by getting rid of free radicals that accumulate in the body during intensive work done in summer. They also ensure a proper circulation of blood in the body and, therefore, reduce chances of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Continue reading