Arugula with Arabic White Cheese and Pistachio

Summer is finally here, and it’s becoming troublesome to use the stove, and the oven. Therefore, today I brought you a quick salad that is easy to prepare, very fulfilling, and satisfying, and no stove needed!

This salad has all flavors that you love. It is naturally sweetened, tangy, and a little bit salty! It has the the crunchiness of arugula, and pistachio, and the softness from cheese.Arugula salad

This salad is very healthy, it’s a complete meal. It has the protein you need from white cheese, its has the vitamin C in tomatoes, it has the minerals from arugula, and healthy fats from pistachio. Moreover its an immunity booster with onion anti-inflammatory proprieties.

The ingredients are easy to find! And you can substitute them. 

It is best to make this salad and serve it immediately, so you don’t lose any nutrition value.

This salad is vegetarian and gluten free too! 

What you need is:

  • 3 oz of baby arugula
  • 10 pieces of pistachio halved
  • 2 oz of Arabic white cheese sliced thin
  • Cherry tomato halved
  • 1/2 small onion sliced very thin
  • 0.5 oz of golden raisins.
  • Dressing: 1 Tb olive oil, lemon juice of half lemon

And what you need to do :

Wash the arugula and drain it. (I used a pre-washed one)

Assemble all ingredients, and dress your salad


arugula edited 1

arugula edited 2

*You can substitute white cheese with feta or Halloumi cheese.

*You can substitute arugula with spinach or rocket.

Farida Al RimawiFarida is a nutritionist, food blogger, wife and mom.

Her mission is to offer nutrition education, and awareness through informative posts, and healthy recipes.

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