How To Deal With Summer Skin Problems?


With all the beautiful beaches, the tropical drinks and the warm weather, I bet it is very hard to hate the summer time. But what we do not love, though, are the annoying skin problems that might arise from staying in the warm weather for hours. No need to be irritated beach lovers, this article have pulled together solutions for some of the most commonly faced summer skin problems. The solutions provided in this article will enhance your happiness during the summer season while sipping that well-mixed lemonade on the beautiful white sandy beach. Read on, enjoy and most importantly learn how to deal with summer skin problems.

1. Clogged pores

Even if you have oily skin or you always suffer from it during the summer period, a scorching hot temperature during the summer season while trigger it to be overheated resulting to the over production of the oil, everybody love a beautiful dewy glow, but surely there is a huge difference between dewy and greasy.

Solution for the clogged pores

Ensure that you have stock up some of the oil-free cleansers that may be an oil blotting sheets and matte foundation or even BB cream, but the choice of the product solely depends on your preference. Staying in an air-conditioned area or a room with fans during the summer, will slow down the overheating of the body, and in turn produce more oil. When it comes to the moisturisers, ensure that you always use one that is a non-comedogenic meaning one that doesn’t clog the pores. Continue reading