Why We Love Summer Resolutions (And You Should, Too!)

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Summer – The best time to make resolutions!

Woohoo! Summer is here. It’s time to get out and have pure unadulterated fun! First on my list of summertime fun is to swap out my winter wear for my summer shorts and sandals, then take a weekend drive to the beach, and last but not least, visit my favorite fro-yo spot!

I love summer vibes; I feel happier, motivated to do more and inspired to simply…be.

There’s approximately 90 days of summer which makes it a great time to refresh those New Year’s resolutions, resolve them or make new summer resolutions.

Summer resolutions are a great way to set and achieve your goals in a unique and almost too fun way. Evenings are longer, flowers and fresh foods are everywhere. It’s literally nature’s call for you to ramble about, go for late afternoon-early evening walks, bike rides and just hang out with friends and family.

Aside from the fun in the sun atmosphere, summer releases higher energy levels. Imagine setting a summer resolution around an intimate relationship. You can do things such as:
• Plan a romantic dinner under the stars
• Watch a movie outdoors on a portable DVD player
• Talk a long evening stroll Continue reading