8 Productivity Hacks to Reduce Stress

Staying productive when life gets busy allows you to manage your to do list while keeping on top of your stress level. As a business owner, I understand how important it really is to stay productive without becoming overwhelmed by the many roles I play in my businesses.

By staying on top of your work plan and deadlines you can stay focused and avoid stress spikes when you become overwhelmed by your work or business.

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8 Productivity Hacks for entrepreneurs to avoid stress

1 – Be Proactive

Leaving things to the last minute is the worst thing you can do for your stress levels. Not only will you be feeling stressed but your standard of work will be of a lower quality.

Let’s face it we all have tasks we don’t love to do in our jobs and in our business but avoiding the inevitable is not the answer. Tackle these challenges head on to leave more time for the things you enjoy to do in your work.

2 – Manage Expectations

We are often our own worst enemy by unintentionally being over optimistic with our timelines and deadlines. By making an effort to be more realistic with the amount of time required to complete tasks you can manage the expectations of clients and avoid over promising and under delivering.

Consider giving yourself a little extra time when saying you will deliver a project not only will this reduce the pressure you place on yourself but you can often deliver the project on time without leaving the client disappointed.

3 – Find a Balance

Finding a balance between life and business can be difficult. We live in a culture where it is celebrated to work long hours. I try not to focus on the amount of hours I spend working but on the amount of tasks and activities I complete when I work. By having a balance you can be more productive during the hours you are working rather than giving up your lifestyle for the sake of being busy.

Take time away from your business to keep focused on your vision. Things like exercising, sleep and spending time with family will allow you to have a lifestyle balance while getting the most from your time in the office.

4 – Stop Rushing

When you need to keep on top of your tasks rushing around is counter productive. We all have deadlines but rushing all the time can increase stress levels and make you constantly feel flustered.

5 – Declutter

Having a messy workspace and schedule can leave you feeling flustered and overwhelmed. By decluttering your schedule and workspace you can set yourself up for productivity and allow you to focus on your priorities.

Decluttering your schedule may even include scheduling time for emails, social media and any tasks that take you away from your must dos of the day.

6 – Take a Break

Some days I like to think I am a machine and can achieve everything on my list without stopping – but sadly this isn’t the case. Taking the time to walk away from your desk for even just five minutes allows you to refocus and energise to give you another burst of energy.

7 –A To-do List

Prioritise your tasks with a to-do list. This will help you organise your activities and focus on the more important and immediate tasks rather than doing tasks that add little value to your day.

8 – Stop Worrying

We all spend too much time worrying about what might happen. Not only do these doubts and worries cause us to feel anxious, it is also is a waste of time. Try to focus on what you can do without wondering what might happen. Often these worries are so much worse in our head than the reality of the situation.

Productivity Matters

I hope these tips will help you find ways to stay productive and avoid becoming overwhelmed by your work. I have found that being productive allows me to avoid becoming stressed or feeling guilty about the things that I have little control over. By removing these stressors I can remain productive and calm while getting the most from my day. By being productive, I can shut off at the end of the day knowing I achieved everything I could.

Alyce J The Zeit

Alyce J is an entrepreneur and a consultant for young business minds.

Check out newstability.com for tips on getting started in business for new and young entrepreneurs. The site aims to help people escape the 9-5 trap by helping you start a business and create a lifestyle you love. Sign-up now for a free simplified 4 step strategy to starting a business you love. Follow Alyce on Twitter  @newstability

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