The ABC’s and 123’s of Living a Masterful Life and How to Make it Happen

The ABC's and 123's of Living A MasterfulWith International Women’s Day approaching and their 2015 theme being, “Make It Happen” I wanted to add my coach approach to the theme with this post!

Masterful Living is living your best life as your higher self in any given moment. Imagine… waking up every morning ready for what the day will bring; and going to bed grateful for the lessons and memories you’ve experienced throughout the day. Being conscious of how you show up in your life is how I define Masterful Living.

I was so excited when I received a message asking me to be a guest contributor for What a great opportunity I thought. I pride myself on having the gift of multiple levels of perception and perspective which I’d like to share with you today. Laying down a foundation, a starting point, a place that you can always return to when life happens (and life will happen) is critical. Elementary school is just as important as College. We all need foundation and structure so here are a few basic tools we should have in our tool box that’ll help guide us on our life journey.

When you hear or see ABC or 123 what comes to mind? For me, I think foundation, back to basics and structure. So we’ll go with that for this post …sounds good? Cool. Let’s go!

#makeithappen1. AWARENESS: Creating awareness around how we show up in our everyday life and under stressful situations is powerful. Not only does it empower us to live by choice; not by chance, but it also awakens and stirs something inside of us when a shift occurs in our life. Imagine a small bell that rings inside your body to alert you, to perk you up and make you pay attention…that’s awareness.
2. ATTITUDE: Our attitude and how we perceive people, places, things and situations is the leader in our life. Our attitude is a mental compass that points us in the direction we choose to head in. The great news is attitude can be altered!
3. AUTHENTICITY: This is a biggie because accepting ourselves as we truly are, allows our beliefs, gifts, talents, self-expression, values and passion to guide the quality of our life.

#makeithappen1. BALANCE: What I love most about life balance is that when mastered, it helps put into perspective the different areas in our life (home, work, well-being, finances, personal growth, spirituality, etc.), that need more attention at that moment than other areas in our life. Experiencing the perfect chord of life balance can be truly wonderful, and when you know how to make it last, it can make for a less stressful and more peaceful world for you and those around you.
2. BEHAVIOR: If what we truly desire is to make life changes we must put a mirror in front of our behaviors; then only then will we see the conduct of which we display.
3. BOUNDARIES: Setting boundaries are a must. It draws a clear line of what we will or will not tolerate. Boundaries are an act of self-care and an act of respect for others by allowing them to make their own choices. Boundaries are a great way to release the need to please others. Opinions are a way of life but it is not the determining factor of your life. When we respect others boundaries, it makes it that much easier to implement our own.

#makeithappen1. CONGRUENCE: Personal congruence is major! When your internal world (values, beliefs, thoughts) are consistent with your external world (actions, habits, behaviors) you create a state of harmony. So, being incongruent creates contradiction between who you are being and what you are doing.
2. COMMUNICATION: Is a non-negotiable. How we import and export information whether it be verbal or non-verbal creates connection and it determines the outcome of any relationship. Effective communication ultimately requires clarity, listening and mutual understanding.
3. COURAGE: Having courage is what everyone wants. Courage allows us to experience fear and do it anyway. When we try, try and try again not only does that show determination, it shows courage. To move forward in life we must take action and to take action we must be courageous!

There you have it! The ABC’s and 123’s of Living a Masterful Life and How to Make It Happen. My hope is that by reading this post you will self reflect, evaluate your now, and honor your who by creating your own foundation and make it happen.

Until next time…

Masterfully Yours,


P.S. Thank you to and your readers for displaying a beautiful and safe place to open and expand our mind, body, spirit and soul. As a thank you gift to your community, I’ve created a printable 2015 Masterful Life Pledge! Download here:

Stacia Ngoh at

Stacia is a speaker, facilitator, certified professional life and leadership coach who specializes in Self Mastery and Life Balance

Stacia is a speaker, facilitator, certified professional life and leadership coach who specializes in Self Mastery and Life Balance. Not only is Stacia a wife to her hubby of eighteen years and mother to her seventeen year old son, she is also the founder of and head coach at Good 2 Great Life Coaching 4 Women. Her primary purpose for her coaching practice is to offer women systematic step by step ways to succeed in their personal and professional lives through private coaching, group coaching and workshops.

Stacia recognizes and embraces the many roles women play on a day-to-day basis, from wife, mother, colleague, friend to getting to know one’s self, leading others and building healthy meaningful relationships. Her unique approach to helping women harmonize their inner and outer world is simply inspiring. Be motivated. Be empowered. Be Inspired to Become A Masterful You!

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8 thoughts on “The ABC’s and 123’s of Living a Masterful Life and How to Make it Happen

  1. Reblogged this on DR JOSEPH ZDANOWSKI – EVOLOGY and commented:
    The key that I follow, because success is truthfully made at the smaller steps, then gradually a little faster if success will sustain the test of time… This blog post is a tight summary about these more proactive ways we can stay healthy at all levels of our Being: BRAVO. Learn these steps & actualize them: here, the invisible ingredients or the invisible skeleton may appear in the so called heavens, and then the substance of flesh can fill in the visible earth. In life we call that living. We as an earth people should be looking for the Cause of Health and Life… as opposed to the cure all. Keeping what nature gave you is a very great start. The power that made you maintains you, and can heal you. However the body can not make something from nothing. We must filter our water, and filter our worlds from distractions, eat close to nature, positive mental attitude always as a rule, and you will be great in what you do! Blessings! No matter how great we are today, we still need to be great for tomorrow!

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