The ABC’s and 123’s of Living a Masterful Life and How to Make it Happen

The ABC's and 123's of Living A MasterfulWith International Women’s Day approaching and their 2015 theme being, “Make It Happen” I wanted to add my coach approach to the theme with this post!

Masterful Living is living your best life as your higher self in any given moment. Imagine… waking up every morning ready for what the day will bring; and going to bed grateful for the lessons and memories you’ve experienced throughout the day. Being conscious of how you show up in your life is how I define Masterful Living.

I was so excited when I received a message asking me to be a guest contributor for What a great opportunity I thought. I pride myself on having the gift of multiple levels of perception and perspective which I’d like to share with you today. Laying down a foundation, a starting point, a place that you can always return to when life happens (and life will happen) is critical. Elementary school is just as important as College. We all need foundation and structure so here are a few basic tools we should have in our tool box that’ll help guide us on our life journey. Continue reading