3 Healthy Habits You Should’ve Ditched in 2017


3 healthy habits you should ditch.

3 healthy habits you should’ve ditched. Image by Apolonia

So 2018 is around the corner and you’ve probably found your journal that has been lying under the bed since 1 January 2017. You have dusted it off and are ready to write down your resolutions for the New Year.  If you are making resolutions for a healthy you, and you are doing one of the following things, make sure one of your resolutions is to ditch them. 

1 Fun-Size Treats

Fun size portions

Fun-size treats may not be such a great idea if you are trying to lose weight. Image by artur84

Reason to ditch: Although minding your meal portions is important when trying to lose weight, studies have shown that people who pre-package their meals actually end up eating multiple packages. They end up eating twice as much as they would have and that is so not cool!

Alternative:  Professor Jennifer Argo of the University of Alberta in Canada says that the small pre-packaged meals eliminated the guilty feeling one would have if they were to consume a whole bag of chips for example. The best way to avoid this dangerous trend is to stick to one proper portion at a time. The meal must be sufficient enough to fill you up. Me, I say “when hungry, eat and stop playing around”.

2 Self-torture for Indulging

Reason to ditch: So everyone knows that feeling when a cheat-day turns into a cheat-week. I’ve been there and I have survived and so will you. Research has shown that those who beat themselves up for indulging were less successful in losing weight than those who didn’t.

Alternative: That would make sense because those who take weight loss as a journey know that every journey has some serious detours and obstacles. However those who want to lose weight quickly will be thinking “there goes another day where I could have lost half a pound”.  Does that sound familiar? So every time you indulge, remember it’s just a small detour on your way to achieving greatness.

3 Detoxing and Fasting

Detox vegetable juice

Detoxing as a quick fix is not going to make you any better. Image by phasinphoto

Reason to ditch: Heed the words of wisdom by Jonathan Ross of the American Council on Exercise:

“It is a shame these programs continue to be so popular. It’s not even fair to call them science fiction—they are actually fiction without the science. Your liver continually works to detoxify the body. It starts working the moment you are born, and doesn’t stop until you die. Your body doesn’t need a “rest from digestion,” and it doesn’t need help from magical supplements or juices. These programs have been debunked so many times and in so many ways, but they are still big sellers because of the promise of a quick fix. As a result, the intense marketing around them continues to overwhelm obvious truth and common sense.”

Alternative: Stop looking for quick fixes and stop listening to the people recommending them. They probably are selling the products or have an emotional attachment to them after using them for a while. Live a healthy life every day, eat well and your body will do the rest. Do you know that your body is the most powerful weapon against disease, obesity, and practically anything you can throw at it? Treat it well and it will not let you down.

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40 thoughts on “3 Healthy Habits You Should’ve Ditched in 2017

  1. I’m so glad you put this out there. When I counseled substance abusers I taught them about the “abstinence violation effect” that made them go on a week-long or month-long binge because that 1 slip ruined their sobriety. Nice work.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The first two suggestions make sense, but the third…ummm…I respectfully disagree. I think our organs, including the liver, can get over-taxed. When I was about to go through chemo, I changed my diet so I could reduce my liver’s workload. After all, it was going to be processing multiple poisons over a number of months. If I hadn’t taken steps to basically detox and drastically change my diet, maybe my chemo experience would have been a harsher one. I had all the superficial changes, but I believe I protected my body to some extent while the chemo was doing its blowtorch thing. I’m currently doing a three week hormone-balancing detox – it’s all about real food, few supplements, and no magic pills. I’ll be writing about it in a couple of months.

  3. I have to agree and disagree with one of your statements at once; not doing detoxes. I think you need to be more specific about this. Yes there are plenty of detoxes/cleanses that are absolutely moronic. Who thinks that drinking water with lemon and cayenne and whatever other bullshit is good for maintaining a healthy weight and keeping that weight off? No one. However, I have to speak well of one detox: the 21-day sugar detox. But I will also give it a disclaimer. It’s only good if you don’t fall off the bandwagon. Once I completed the 21-day detox I felt amazing and decided to try something with a bit of sugar in it again, it tasted gross. It was way too sweet. So yeah I’ve kept with it because of doing the detox. I guess you could argue either way that it’s bad because it only lasts 21 days or however long they are. But if you keep with it then it was awesome. Just throwing out my two cents..

    • Thank you for your contribution. Like you said, it only matters if you keep doing it. Then it is not a quick fix anymore is it, it’s part of your eating habit. A healthy eating habit is what we need, not a 21 day detox and then jump right back to our bad habits.

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  5. Wow! I love this! These are probably 3 of the things I do most often. Dieting and weight loss doesn’t have to be awful! Who would have thought that? Can’t wait to try some of these as I train for my half-marathon and start living a healthier life.

  6. Interesting points! I think vitamin-filled juices are wonderful… but when people only drink juice for “x” number of days… it turns into more of a starvation diet than actually trying to obtain health. Thanks for the post 🙂

    • We all just need the right information. The health and fitness industry is booming and some very smart people with a lot of resources try to take advantage of good people who don’t know better. Thanks for your comment and insight.

  7. This is some good advice. People should just eat healthy and work on a rather positive note to stay healthy. Great post. 🙂 Good day!

  8. Loved your blog. Helps to read things such as you’ve written. It’s difficult at times, coming from an anorexic/food is the enemy background to give yourself permission to be hungry and actually eat without guilt. Work in progress. Thanks again for the words of wisdom.

    • I understand what you mean even though I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to have an eating disorder. Thank you for your great comment. Me and my colleagues just want to contribute to such issues in a positive way and when someone gives a comment like yours we know we are doing our job.

  9. good advice … unfortunately, as long as cars exist along with urban sprawl …. shopping centers blah blah blah … the vast majority of people are gonna be fat whether they like it or not …… i HATE being so serious … but … it’s depressing … i believe in capitalism but … the profit motive rules our taste buds …. ks

    • Your words are so true Kurt thank you. However we can and should use whatever we can to become better and improve ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. We cannot afford to give up. Once again thanks for your comment.

  10. 1. I think you are right on the money. For number one, with fun-sizes, I’ve noticed I’ve always gone after another piece. I think I end up eating more with fun-size than I do with the regular size.

    2. As I say… I’m not naughty, naughty, naughty! I am an Adult I make decisions. The other half is to quit celebrating naughty. I can’t go back for that second fun-size with animated gestures of snitching, cheating, or stealing to announce that I’m naughty. Naughty has nothing to do with it. I made a decision that I wanted to make, I should enjoy it. If I don’t enjoy it, I should make the other decision and not do it.

    3. Right on. I see the fasting as celebrating naughty, such as punishment for some weight gained or to get some clothes to fit. I used to starve myself by eating only one meal a day because I was so busy I didn’t allow myself time to cook. I never thought fasting was a good idea. Although I do like the green juice as a quick vitamin infusion. I quit drinking soda pop. Juice is a good flavorful replacement.

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