3 Food Videos to Kill Your Winter Blues

I don’t know about you but I have been suffering from flu and freezing. People I meet outside have lost their summer smiles and glow. I can’t put a smile on every one I come across but I can sure as hell try to put a smile on you today. Why? Well it’s because I love you.

Not-Pizza Hut

Do you know that your entire life you have been lied to about Pizza? You probably have never had real pizza in your entire life.

Watch these Italians react to Pizza Hut’s new menu:

Diet Racism

A fictional beverage marketed specifically towards anyone having strong opinions about a specific race or ethnicity, but usually keeps it casual or to themselves altogether. Maybe someday we’ll see the introduction of a beverage called Racism Zero.

Pumpkin Challah Bread Pudding Recipe

This video by POP SUGAR Food  brings warmth to my tummy just watching it. I bet you will feel the same way when you start watching. Awww my gosh!!!


I know that you are looking at your screen now with a smile on your face. Let us know which one of the three put the biggest smile on your face  and have a happy winter 🙂 !

14 thoughts on “3 Food Videos to Kill Your Winter Blues

  1. I am sorry but I laughed out loud at Diet Rascism. OMG it was painfully priceless. It was my favorite by far. But I happen to love that sort of thing…and I know too many people who would say just those things without batting an eyelash. Thank you!

    • Yes Pamela it was quite funny and so true. There is always something to smile and laugh about luckily even when it comes to the darkest subjects like racism.

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