Become a Better Gamer Part 2: Your Hands & Eyes

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Become better at video games image by imagerymajestic

In part 1 I talked about how simple tweaks and accessories could make you a better gamer. Today we are going to talk  about your main weapons – eyes and hands-when it comes to gaming and how to strengthen them. We will also help you improve your hand-eye coordination. No! No! Hand-eye coordination does not involve hand-cream and a Playboy magazine. Pfffff.

So anyway here we go. We start off with hand-strengthening exercises.

Tennis Ball Squeeze

You  are in for a disappointment if you thought I had some workouts for you that would make your hands look huge like the Hulk Smash Hands. The hand exercises will make your hands strong all right, but strong enough to endure strenuous gaming.

Now watch the video below and try not to laugh. I would recommend  you do this 3 times a day, 10 reps on each hand. You  can gradually increase the reps as you get stronger.

Wrist Flexion

You know how your knees hurt because of running long distance or because of standing all day? Well any physical activity we do with our limbs put loads of pressure on our joints. When we are gaming we do not only put pressure on our finger joints, but we also put pressure on our wrist.

Do the exercise shown below before and after gaming with 10 reps for each hand.

 Push Ups

Then you have to do fifty crucifix push ups and fifty thumb push ups twice a day. I know  you can do it.

If you are staring at the screen with your mouth open thinking “what the…” ,relax I was joking. No push ups, none at all.

Thumb IP Extension

Your thumbs get the brunt  of the pressure so  it is only logic that we pay more attention to it. Do the following exercise in spells of 20 seconds in 3 sets, once a day.

That’s about it actually when it comes to strengthening your hands. As for the hand-eye  coordination, I’ve got two great  drills for you.

Racket Bounce

Get a tennis racket or a ping pong racket  and bounce the ball on the racket as long as you can. Alternate between forehand and backhand once you get better at it. When you get really good you can add some tricks to your routine and have fun with it. You can even use cheap toy versions it does not matter.


This is the best  exercise out there for hand-eye coordination without any doubt. Start out with one ball and then continue to two balls. Once you get the hang of it  go to the real thing and try to juggle three balls.

Adding all these activities to your gaming is not only beneficial to your gaming but it is also healthy and makes your gaming experience a lot more broader as it now includes not just playing the game but doing other activities around it.

Have fun with it all and watch out for the final  part (3) where I talk about preparing for gaming tournaments.

Let us know what you think of this article and/or share with us your techniques.

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