3 True Medical Conspiracies You Need To Know About

Doctors see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

We trust the medical industry. Are they worth our trust?
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#3) CIA misuse of vaccination campaigns to spy on alleged terrorists:

Polio has been spreading rapidly among the children of Pakistan. This is because the Taliban banned the vaccination campaign in 2012 after finding out that it was being used by the CIA to spy on alleged terrorists.

Most notably this tactic was used to track down Bin Laden in 2011 and gun him down. Some may argue that the end justifies the means. However, innocent kids are now suffering from polio as a result. Polio is irreversible and the CIA now realizes that it should have taken into consideration the fact that they would be jeopardizing an important vaccination campaign and also putting the volunteers in serious danger.

Sixty cases have been reported since January compared to only eight the whole of last year. More than sixty volunteers and security personnel were killed between December 2012 and April 2014 according to Pakistani officials and humanitarian workers.

It is only recently that mainstream media has actually come out with the CIA’s involvement in the vaccination campaigns. We used to hear that the Taliban was killing polio workers for other reasons.

The Taliban killings of polio workers are also not justifiable but it is a result of the misuse of the medical needs of poor children in Pakistan by the CIA. The CIA now claims that it no longer uses vaccine programs to spy on alleged terrorists.

Why this story is on the list: Medical campaigns for the most vulnerable people on earth should not be used to track down alleged terrorists.

#2) Toxic chemicals labelled “fluoride” in drinking water:

This may be old news but many people still don’t know much about it. Fluoride and dental industries have conspired for ages to mislead the public into believing that fluoride occurs naturally. It is public knowledge that fluorine compounds used in our water supply come from fertilizer processing or phosphate mining operations, and they are loaded with heavy metals.

Scientists have stated that fluoride lowers IQs and damages the brain function of children. Yet today we are still being told that fluoride is good for us and our water supply is being fluoridated without any real opposition.

Government and health officials assert that fluoride is natural, and thus safe. What no one is telling you is that naturally occurring fluoride is calcium fluoride, while the stuff local governments use to fluoridate our water is sodium fluoride, an extremely toxic mix of hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride.

Why this story is on the list: Air and water are the most basic products in our life; up to 75% of our body is water. Everything comes to life with water and everything dies without it. Poisoning our water with sodium fluoride and telling us it’s good for us is nothing short of pure evil.

#1) Pfizer conducts medical experiments on African children:

In 1996 Pfizer needed a human trial to gain approval for its new antibiotic Trovan. Pfizer jumped at the opportunity to perform human trials in Kano, Nigeria when an epidemic of meningitis, cholera and measles broke out. these trials took place without the consent of the victims.

Pfizer were stationed near Doctors Without Borders who were giving free treatments. They recruited 200 innocent children to participate in an unlicensed drug trial. They never told the parents that their children were going to be participating in a risky drug trial for Trovan which had shown liver and joint damage during animal studies.

Eleven children died and many others suffered brain damage, organ failure, and other severe side effects. Pfizer was ordered to compensate the Nigerian families but how do you compensate for a human life.

Why this story tops the list: When parents trust you with their precious children you do not turn around and murder them. What makes it even worse is doing it in the name of medicine.

African mother

Perhaps my child doesn’t count.
photo by africa


naturalnews.com- Top ten REAL medical conspiracies that actually happened

bbc.com – White House: CIA has ended use of vaccine programs

2 thoughts on “3 True Medical Conspiracies You Need To Know About

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I have now another viewpoint on medicine. It is sad to see how they lie and use people as if we were some animals…

    • Yes it is all in the name of making money at the expense of the same people they are supposed to protect and help cure. You’re welcome and thanks for your comment.

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