3 Healthy Foods That Could Kill You

Rotten fruits

Healthy vegetables and fruits contain large amounts of natural chemicals that can kill you. Photo by Grant Cochrane

We all want to eat healthy; well most of us anyway. Healthy snacks, healthy recipes, organic food, raw veg diets, and many other buzz words are being thrown out there. We read blogs, listen to Dr.Oz, and try to do the right thing. However some of the healthy food choices we make have deadly side effects that no one is really talking about.


Potatoes sliced and diced

Photo by SOMMAI

Yes potatoes will kill you if they have turned green. When potatoes turn green it is a sign that the potatoes have been exposed to too much light and a natural glycoalkaloid known as solanine has occurred.
Eating a potato that has turned green may cause the following problems:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • gastrointestinal disorders

If you notice a slight green layer just under the potato skin, cut away the green portions of the potato before cooking and eating. The rest of the potato is safe to eat.

Always store your potatoes in a dark, cool, dry place to prevent them from turning green. Continue reading