3 Health Gurus Who Could Save Your Life (Part I)

Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

The Man

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is a well-known celebrity herbalist and owner of Dhealthstore.com. So perhaps some of you might have heard of him. The man behind the fame is what makes Djehuty unique. His unorthodox approach towards health issues and his ability to challenge the status quo of healing methods brought the likes of Stevie Wonder, Brandy, Shumar Moore, Darin Hensen,  and  Boris Kodjoe to the doorstep of his humble apartment way before he was a public figure. Now that he has shot to fame it is a crime for any health-conscious person not to know him.

Why He Cares

Obviously a person who does something solely for money and someone who does it because he cares are completely different. I would go with the one who does care for the best results, wouldn’t you?

As a young man he suffered from acute asthma and both his parents died of health-related issues. His favorite aunt committed suicide due to depression. He took this as a calling and vowed to help people solve their health problems without having to rely solely on the expensive and sometimes inefficient mainstream healing methods.

After healing himself of bronchial asthma and helping many of his family members get rid of their health complaints, he embarked on a journey to heal and educate the masses.

Why You Should Care

We all know that health products are big business and to be completely honest we trust the industry players blindly. The food that we eat has become partly nutritional and partly harmful. The solution is to educate ourselves and know what to eat and how to heal ourselves.

Djehuty does not simply promote vitamins, minerals, supplements, and the likes. He holds a stronger position on herbal solutions because nature has the solution; it has the poison and the antidote.

Why I like Him

He tells the raw truth and does not beat around the bush. Check out the extract below of his interview with Pamela McKenzie of examiner.com.

Djehuty Interview extraxt

Still not convinced? Check out this video and judge for yourself:

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